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RE: Boring and tedious

in The Pew3 months ago

Hm boring and tedious. Washing and detangling my curly hair. Has to be done. I hate the process, love the result lol.


Ah yeah, you got some curls there. How long does it take? I'm guessing 40 minutes...10 hive to me if I'm right! 😂

(Joking about the hive.)

Oh make it 1 hour easy. Depends on how tangled it is. My neck hurts when I'm done after sitting with my head down to dry it. I get a feeling of terrible pain when I just think about washing my hair. It's a chore. Chore 😣😣😣But at the end, when I look in the mirror I smile to myself " uhhh now I'm so pretty" 😂😂😂😂

As long as you're happy with the result...Otherwise...