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I have nothing against legal gun owners, my best from childhood till now has so many guns, when I go to visit him in Florida the first thing he does is show me his new purchase. Once I asked him "Why do you need so may guns?" His answer > For when zombie apocalypse starts 😂 last I spoke to him he said that should be around November LOL.

But I wish I had the opportunity to learn to shoot professionally and not just bust a few shots at the bird bush and illegal fire arms in the streets. I never really had the opportunity around me. And now living in Japan, it is nearly impossible to get a license worse when you are a foreigner. But one thing is for sure, if I ever move back to Jamaica, that is the first thing I am sorting out.

Nice camp fire vibes man, that is my kinda chill. I would probably go for some herbs before the spirits though 😁

Oh yeah, for me, I am realizing music and business dealings give me that lasting connection. I make songs on and off but I am realizing that it is something I really like to do and the people I can connect with is awesome.


For when the zombie apocalypse starts

This is often my answer also. November huh? Thanks for the tip...I'll ramp up my preparations!

I'm not into alcohol much, only been drunk three times in my entire life of 50 years...Never tried the herbs as you put it...Not something I've ever been inclined to do. But hanging around the campfire talking shit, star gazing and chilling out...That's my vibe. I add in a glass or two of alcohol sometimes, but if it wasn't there I wouldn't miss it.

Music is awesome and another way for people to connect either through making it or listening to it. I always have music playing and play the piano myself so it's a big part of my life.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.


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