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I was at the range giving some instruction to a student today; That's a job I take very seriously because what they learn in the first few lessons tends to stick with them. I always make sure safety is what they learn first. Of course, it's a little social at the same time and most Saturday mornings I can be found out there shooting myself, (not shooting myself per se), or training others to shoot better.

My days of aimlessly shooting rounds down range ended many years ago; It's a new-shooter thing generally and to be honest I think I only did it once myself, maybe twice over twenty five years ago.

Sure, I shoot fast, but it's not done aimlessly and for the sheer noise of it. For some unknown reason, people think it's legit to shoot as quickly as possible without aiming simply to hear noise and feel like one is shooting! I sort of get it because shooting is fun, although it's certainly not what I promote when I'm on the range with a new shooter...There's fundamentals to teach first, and so there I was today doing just that.

To be fair the person has shot once before but never had any instruction, which is a little frightening to be honest, and so I treated him like a brand new shooter; He didn't mind as he has visions of progressing and building skills rather than blasting 200 rounds down range once and calling himself an operator. He wants to get good.

After going through the range rules and safety requirements we got onto the gun and did the same thing: Safety instruction. I also made sure the guy understood the concept of what happens when the trigger is pulled, how the bullet ends up downrange and what forces are in play. From there we started shooting.

I loaded a round in the magazine, a single round, and let him shoot it to get a feel for the dynamics of the gun; Then two, then three and so on. At this stage I wasn't too worried about him hitting targets, but before long we progressed; I don't like bullets hitting the mound as it seems wasteful so I set up some steel targets and got him onto them so I could teach him about sighting. It gives him an aim-point and I can adjust him from there.

He started off on the bigger plates and as he got better the smaller. All I had him doing was shooting at one spot with the goal being to get his grouping size down. You can see the plates arrayed down below. You'll also note the timer obscuring the shooter. That came into play later.

Eventually, about 150 rounds or so later, he started feeling more comfortable so I began to let him shoot, transition, shoot, transition and so on between the targets. Left to right, right to left and then jumbled. He was going pretty well - Not fast, but safe.

At that stage I put the timer on him.

The shot timer records the sound of each shot marking the time of each shot which registers on the screen which is connected by bluetooth. You can see the time of 6.18 registering, that's his first three shots with the last at 6.18 seconds. Unfortunately they were all at one target, the small diamond-shaped one, as he kept missing. It's all good though, he's learning...Don't judge.

Towards the end of the session I let him shoot the full sequence: Small left to large right to large left to small right to the diamond plate to stop the clock. He did it, with a few back up's due to misses, in 12.86 seconds. It was smooth, his cadence between shots was even, his grip and stance was solid and I was happy.

I then had a go and did it in 3.74 seconds...But that's because I shoot all the time; Someone later did it in 2.16 seconds, an IPSC State Shooting Team member. But the speed for my new guy wasn't a factor...I just wanted to see him transition the gun between targets safely, acquire the target and sight-picture, squeeze off the round and get hits. He did that. Job done.

I've got a few more sessions with this guy and will put him through his paces before we do the holster accreditation course; Once complete he'll be able to draw and shoot from a holstered position, walk around with the gun safe and holstered and generally be ready to shoot a few club matches. that's a month or so away though, maybe more. After a few more months, if proficient, he will get a sign-off which he can take to the police firearms branch to obtain his H-class (handgun) license. At that stage he'll be able to buy a single handgun.

I really enjoy teaching people to shoot; I represent the sport of shooting well I think, am a good ambassador for firearms, being safe and responsible and I promote the sport as enjoyable, rewarding and safe. When I consider some I've seen, at other ranges, I certainly know I'd want me teaching me, not some of the other jokers.

My club and range is a military run affair and no ass-fuckery is tolerated; It's strict, safety-focused and skills-based...Sure, we have loads of fun, but it's done safely.

I had a great time today, and whilst the only rounds I fired were the five I shot to demonstrate the run to my student, I found it rewarding. Of course, it helps to have a few mates around, some good-natured picking on each other, and a commonality of interests. It's social and serious at the same time.

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Be well
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The firearm used was my CZ Shadow 2 9mm semi automatic as pictured.


Whoah! I was just imagining all the events as if it was happening right in front of me. AND IT SURE LOOKS A LOT MORE LIKE FUN!

6.18 seconds was a progress to me even though it was aimed at a target. I bet I can't even go 1 minute myself.... Lol

It can be very enjoyable for sure, although my first focus is safety; The thing is with guns is that when it goes wrong someone could be injured or killed. So, safety is the thing...Fun happens too though, for sure! Thanks for commenting, have a good weekend.


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I like your teaching style dude. If I was learning to shoot I would want you showing me!

I like to make it fun and interesting, but also to hammer home the most important message; Safety. I've never had any complaints and I reckon teaching you would be a breeze; You have warrior blood in your veins mate, so you'll do great! :)

Safety is really important for this kind of jobs and there is no joke with it... You can hurt or kill yourself or someone else. Actually when reading your article it reminds me a movie named "Decline" . I don't want to tell the story of the movie. So you don't learn any spoiler from me. :) But if i need to tell something about the movie accidents happen everywhere and sometimes results of these accidents cause other big problems.

Yep, you're correct, accidents can cause injury or death and so I teach safety first. I think my students appreciate it and I feel happy that they leave with a safety first ethos. I'll have a look at that movie, it sounds interesting.

Mentoring new shooters and supporters is something all experienced folks should do at least a few times. Bringing younger generations into enthusiasts is how we will help build our sport and ensure we have additional voters to keep reasonable laws in place and remove unreasonable laws. Funny how I've seen so many people shift on the topic once they become educated and understand weapon safety and proper usage. Kudo's to you for adding another safe supporter! If we could all bring three more on board, and each of those bring three more on board, think how wonderful that would be.

I forget how much more strict gun laws are elsewhere! People would probably have a lot less guns if they had to go through all that around here.

Less rounds fired means less time spend breathing bore cleaner fumes, no?

(Edit) Also, thanks, I hadn't realized that there was a shooting related community on here until this :D

Well, I shoot so much that gun cleaning is a constant thing...A couple times a week I'm cleaning guns at least, sometimes more depending on what I've been shooting that week. I don't mind it although the fumes get to me sometimes. I get lazy sometimes though...Not often.

Ah, gotcha. I'd love to shoot that much but ammo gets expensive after a while. Which is part of why I don't understand those who just fire for the sake of the recoil and hearing it go bang.

How strict are they there about people owning/shooting Kalashnikovs and the like?

I make my own ammo for rifle and handgun, I'd not be able to keep up if I didn't.

Semi automatic rifles are regulated here since a wanker called Martyn Bryant shot 34 People at Port Arthur. Special permits are required and to get one a person needs to have justification. Generally primary producers and then the gum is locked to the property only.

I'd read about Port Arthur but hadn't realized that things were that strict now. I'm pretty sure it's easier to get a full auto weapon here than it is to get a semiauto there (just a tax stamp, an 'enhanced' background check and lots of cash).

I could talk about guns all day, it's good to find other firearms enthusiasts kicking around on here.

Yeah, the Lord Arthur massacre buggered it up for all of us here unfortunately.

Yeah, guns are one of my things, you can scroll back through The Pew Community to see the sort of stuff I do if you're keen.

Is the younger person that was wanting to buy your rifle still shooting and practicing? Target Shooting is one of those sports/hobbies I wish I would have kept up with.

Oh yeah, that young chap is going really well with his long range shooting. He was at the range yesterday actually, playing around with the rifle I sold him. I didn't chat much as I was instructing but we had a few words and will catch up for a beer in the next month or so, he has some ballistics questions.

I've been shooting for a long time and am glad I've continued to build my skills. Of course there's hobbies I've set aside, some of which I regret; One can't do everything I guess.

Glad to hear he is still shooting and learning. Even when you are retired you still can't do everything. We think we get more time for things when retired, but then we think we have the time so we pick up other things, and then other things, and soon there is no time for anything, except what tickles the fancy at the time.

Yes, he's progressing well; It's not something one can learn in a month and years down the track he'll be picking up knowledge that will help his results. He's not a privileged lad so I get enjoyment out of helping him make the best of his situation and to find some passion and enjoyment.

I've heard retiree's say the same thing, never been busier. I get it too and that what I'm expecting for Faith and I; we want to engage with some of the things we wouldn't normally get to do when we don't have to work as much. That's one of the things behind the debt free deliberations we are doing.

Now thats a productive saturday morning if ever there was one. Would love a go at that range. Not had any experience really with hand guns only with an M16 really when i was in the Air Force.

Yep, a legit way to spend some time. Of course, much better to be doing the shooting myself, but I like to promote the sport, bring new people in, and supporting them is important.

Never had I touched a gun real life and I bet that if I do my hands will probably be shaking.

I thought bullets are expensive to get. Saying so because you are teaching how to shoot. Overhere I have heard from friends who went to the military that they don't use their guns to play and every bullets given to them they account for how they use it or so.

Your trainee is doing well as I see even though it might not be his first time to shoot but like you have said he had never shot without instructions.

I would love to learn how to shoot always dreamt of it due to movies I watch but I bet I would just be a chicken to hold a gun.

My club and range is a military run affair and no ass-fuckery is tolerated; It's strict, safety-focused and skills-based...Sure, we have loads of fun, but it's done safely.

It's heart-warming that old G-Dog isn't just good at shooting, but his teaching old tricks to new dogs. Best wishes to the lad, and I'm sure he'll do you proud one day. It's interesting that you mentioned that one bit, as I was just watching compilation videos of idiots behaving at shooting ranges.

There, they were blasting their guns at full auto, sometimes with accidental discharges, and other times ignoring warnings that there were other people out on the range at the time. I was pleasantly surprised that no one got injured, or killed from all that. Time to bring out the Darwin Awards.

Yeah, plenty of fuck sticks at ranges around the world...We don't tolerate it though. People like that wouldn't last at my club. It's a fun place, but is run in a very serious manner.

That's certainly good to know. Here's one of those videos that I just watched. Some lads were trying to shoot a video down the range. But someone who's just a bit trigger happy didn't notice, or ignored the warnings saying that there were people there. Pretty close call...


Aye, well said. Very nearly got killed by some arsehat.

Ahhhhh. A safe shooter is a happy shooter.

That's pretty serious instruction. Good on you, good on him.

We have a large number of unsafe shooters. If you have the money you can buy any gun you want with a 72 hour wait. The only instruction needed is for your concealed carry permit and that isn't necessary in AZ. An otherwise qualified gun owner can carry any weapon concealed inside the state. The only reason to get your CCP is to stop the 72 hour wait and 39 other states reciprocate with the CCP.

Thanks for taking gun safety seriously and passing that on. It's important.

Sometimes the laws don't make a lot of sense, one way or the other. I like to be safe, not keen on getting shot or being there when someone else does, so I focus on safety first. I kind of enjoy instructing and whilst it means I don't get to shoot much that day I still get value from it.