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I'm out shooting today...Not, not just yet, it's really early in the morning right now, but I'm just about to take off for the range...After stopping off at a cafe for some breakfast with a couple other shooters first.

Today will be the first competition I've shot since the flu-situation shut most things down. My range was no different in that it was closed altogether and when it reopened about a month ago the restrictions were still so tight it was impossible to run a competition. So, today is the first one back.

I'd like to report that I've been consistently training throughout those months however I have not. I've done some sporadic training of course, but I'm heading to the range, and into competition today, feeling decidedly unprepared. It's my fault, I lost the motivation.

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Before the new normal was thrust upon us I would train almost every day and shoot a couple times a week. I think the shooting helped to drive the training. Each day I'd strap my holster-rig on, load it with empty magazines and my Shadow 2 9mm handgun and practice drawing, acquiring targets, trigger pulling and magazine changing for 20-25 minutes. The idea is to create some muscle-memory to help shave time off those processes.

Placing one's hand on the gun grip into the wrong position when the gun is holstered means it will need adjusting either prior to drawing or after drawing...Either will cost time, sometimes up to a second or two, and that will destroy a competition stage when speed is one of the most important things. The same goes for magazine changes; Fumbling and bumbling changes costs time, causes frustration and breaks concentration which in turn costs more time.

So, I train these things at home, train not practice because I am training the muscles to react in the same way each time and to do it faster and and faster. When I get to the range and into competition I simply go through the motions with the only difference being that the gun is full of live ammunition. Training pays dividends on competition days.

I think it's going to be interesting today as none of us have shot much in the flu-restriction period, most not at all, so I think there'll be a lot of slow shooters out there today...And the range officers will be very strict on safety as most shooters will be a little rusty. Safety is always paramount.

I don't know anything about the competition stages I'll face, they are always unknown until minutes prior to commencing and are always different but I've been told to expect to shoot around two hundred rounds so that means there will be some big stages, maybe 30-40 rounds each. It should be a lot of fun.

I've been shooting for a long time and being rusty should never be confused with being slow, unsafe or inaccurate. It means that I won't perform at my peak though. I guess it's the same as a pro golfer who wins every tournament...They're still out there practising every day. It takes effort to maintain skill, to hone it and improve it. So, I'll shoot ok, hit every target and be fast enough, but not as fast as I could be, or will be when I get back into training mode.

Has the flu-restrictions affected you in a similar way? Have you lost skills or ability through being unable to train or practice properly? Comment below.

I hope y'all have a great weekend when it arrives...That's one of the perks of living in Australia...Our weekend starts before almost everyone else's!

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Be well
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Hoping you have a great day out shooting and catching up with friends.

Should be good. Just finishing off our breakfast then going to head to the range. Raining a bit so... Could be fucked. 😂 Rain never hurt anyone though...Just the subsequent flooding.

One man's morning is another man's evening!!

I hope you do well mate!!

If in doing well you mean not shooting myself, me too. 😂

Hahahaha!!! Aye, that is a good start at doing well!!!

I'll let you know what happens. If you don't hear from me a while, assume the worst. Tell Taraz I said you can have all my Ethereum.

I hope the worst doesn't happen but if it does rest assured the Eth might soften the blow.. 🤣🤣

Lol...You'll get over my demise...With a bit of ETH? It's amazing how comforting some free crypto can be.

I'm messaging you, so suffice it to say, the old G-dog survived.

I shot like a warrior-poet today. Just saying... Someone's gotta.

Wayhay, I never had any doubt that you wouldn't bring it today!!

Brought it, sent it...Then hit KFC on the way home for a warrior-poet celebratory Zinger burger. The only truly fitting warrior-poet tucker.

Actually its not about training or what but covid19 really affects almost everything in my life.

The new normal sucks but maybe I can get used to it as time goes by.

What's important is were safe and continously praying to be safe and get way from the virus.

Keel safe and good that you're now back to shooting and some competition, good luck! hope you'll win everytime you join a shooting competition.

The virus has been very devastating for many, not just affecting hobbies like shooting, but almost all aspects of life.

Hopefully you and your family continue to be safe and soon the virus begins to have less of an effect upon our lives. In reality though, I fear that the financial implications of the virus will be with us for a long time to come.

Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it. Have a nice weekend.

Good luck and have fun!

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oh. cool photo. and nice hobby. avoiding practice can throw you back a little But if you're already talented enough, adaptation and success are not far away. And of course virus restrictions impressed us. and some restrictions still remain. I used to take long walks in nature. and I would go to sports. After this long process that we are at home, I feel like I have become a bulkier and more quickly tired pile of meat. An outsider will not understand this. but we can analyze the physical body we live in more easily.

Yes, the virus-lockdown and restrictions have affected so many in this way. A guy at the range was telling me he has put on 15kg since March...Self-confessed over-eating. It is the lack of movement also I think, as you say. Hopefully it doesn't last forever.

I’m sure you’ll all be fine if a bit slower than usual 🤣 and it’ll be fun anyway right 😜

I’m much less fit, haven’t been training or taking my dog on our Ingressmon round since “self isolation” 😵

Same as so many others...It seems to breed laziness, or lack of motivation at the best I suppose. It's lack of motivation that stopped me doing my home-training with the gun. Why practice if I can't shoot at the range sort of thoughts. Oh well, it can't go forever right? Right? Oh ye gods in Valhalla, please don;t let this bastard virus last forever. 🤣

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. I shot like a fucking champ today. Just saying.

Oh good job 😆

I don’t know if it works with shooting or if it’s a person thing but sometimes I’ve found not training for a while actually makes me better when I get back to it.

Not too long a break though otherwise the expected happens (which is what I’m expecting to happen when I finally make it back to training) 😅

Hmm, no that probably doesn't work too well for shooting...Although slow is smooth and smooth is fast I guess, however with training and practice one is always going to be better than without. I didn't shoot myself, or anyone else today, didn't miss any targets, hit an penalty targets and was a fast as I could go...Based on the numbers I know I think I'll end up in the upper end of the pack. Not that it really matters, but it's good to know my skills didn't suffer too greatly.

That old adage, he who hesitates, needs more training.
Best of luck in da shoosting competition.

Haha, so true!

Yep, all done now...Was a good day and I shot well. A couple hundred rounds headed downrange and all went where I wanted them to go, in quick succession.

Nah. Covid hasn't slowed my retirement training at all. I'm getting pretty damn proficient at it.

You ever try cross draw? I've always felt that my first shot accuracy improves with cross draw (and a little training). Maybe it's because I am pretty portly and cross draw puts me much closer to the target much sooner due to diminished distance?

Nope, never tried it it's too slow. I draw from the right (am right handed) and all my mags are on the left (six of them). Besides, the muzzle would be pointing backwards when the gun is drawn and I'd get DQ'd.

So you cross draw your mags but not the pistol? Just wonderin'

I'm so right handed that I HAVE to transfer the mag to my right hand for insertion. I'm sure that's not how you do it. I'm so left eyed that my left is on the butt. I'm a hot mess with a pistol according to most.

The muzzle would be problematic in competition shooting. You could position it straight up (just like on the right) but a with the butt reversed.

My pistol use always involves carry. I way prefer to carry on my left for walking and hand swing.

If I'm at a range I carry the pistol in a bag and set the mags on the bench.

So you cross draw your mags but not the pistol? Just wonderin'

I draw the gun with my right, when mag changes are reqired I drop the mag from the gun (to the ground), pull the new one from the mag pouches on my left, with my left hand, slap it in and off I go. It takes a second or so and is usually done on the run as doing it static wastes time.

Below is my holtser rig with my CZ P-09 in it. I do not shoot competition with this gun but it'll make my point.


Below is a video of me doing a little stage. The mag changes happen mainly off camera though (GoPro is on my head.) You'll see the gun tilt right, that's me opening up the mag-well to my left so I can slam in the mag.