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Sunday...I had a list of DIY/handyman jobs to do at home planned...I even wrote a list! However as all good military men know no plan survives contact with the enemy and things went south with my plans. Don't worry, I still got most of the jobs done, just not all...You see, I went to the range instead! Bad G-dog, bad! 😁

I've been considering purchasing a new firearm recently and last night a mate called and told me one would be available to shoot today at the range; How could I resist? It's not often a person gets to shoot a gun prior to buying it so I went.

The CZ 515

This .22LR rifle is new to Australia, unique actually as there are no other rifles of its kind available. It is an extremely fast-shooting rifle and has proven to be very reliable and accurate.

The CZ 515 .22LR tactical rifle.

The rifle is what's called a lever release bolt action rifle and is designed for hunters and target shooters alike. My use for it would be hunting around 70% of the time, small game only. The other 30% would be competition use; Practical run and gun events and general plinking for fun, shooting and breathing practice.

This rifle fires standard and high velocity ammunition and uses the gas to throw the bolt back automatically rather than a standard manual operation bolt. It is fitted with a bolt-stop in the rear (open) position and a lever to close it and chamber the next round. This means the rifle can be fired very quickly; I was getting just over two aimed shots per second from it.

As semi-automatic rifles are heavily restricted to certain very-difficult to obtain licenses here this is about as close to semi-auto as most could ever get.

Today I was getting a feel for it and, I have to say, the rifle feels very nice in the hands; It's light, well-balanced and the adjustable stock means it can be set up specifically for the shooter.

The one I shot today was mounted with a red-dot sight which made shooting much further than 50 metres a little difficult although at 50 meters I was holding dead-on a round 3 inch steel plate target and hitting it every time; It's a very accurate gun. That was bench-rested on a shooting bag.

I was able to hit the target freestanding 80% percent of the time so I'm pretty happy with the accuracy; The missing was operator error. Further to that, my mate was shooting half MOA groups on paper at 25 metres last week so I'm pretty confident in its capability to shoot accurately and repeatably. (Half an MOA, minute of angle, at 25 metres is 1/8 of an inch, or 0.3cm - So basically hole in hole.)

This tactical version of the rifle comes with a pistol grip and two-way adjustable stock; The length and cheek-riser is adjustable. A picatinny rail sits atop the full length barrel-shroud and my mate has mounted a front picatinny rail under the barrel-shroud for the mounting of a bipod. It is sold with a 10rd polymer magazine and is compatible with the CZ455 and CZ457 magazines as well. There is also a 25rd magazine available.

Why is it so fast

The cocking lever in green and bolt release in red are shown here.

When this rifle fires a round it uses the gases generated to blow back the bolt automatically; The bolt-stop catches it and holds it open. If it closed and chambered the next round ready to fire the rifle would be semi-automatic.

Instead of closing it is held back until the operator depresses a lever mounted just above the trigger and the bolt snaps-closed, chambers the round and is ready to fire once again. If the operator gets into a good rhythm the 10rd magazine could be fired in only a few seconds. My fastest, with aimed shots was about 5.5 seconds measured with an electronic shot timer. Keeping in mind this was only at a 25 metre target; With greater distance a little additional aiming-time would be required.

Some may find the grip a little odd considering the right thumb rests on the bolt-release lever rather than fitted snuggly around the pistol grip but this is the grip I use for long range rifle shooting so it felt normal. It means this rifle can be fired very quickly. Fire release, fire release, fire release. Those three shots would take slightly over a second.

When hunting it's very unlikely I'd need to fire that quickly but in a run and gun event where I may be running along shooting targets left and right as quickly as possible it would be perfect.

After shooting the rifle today I'm fairly sold on it. I would probably remove the red dot sight and put a scope with a reticle on it though; That would extend the range as sometimes the .22LR competitions I shoot have long-range stages out past 150 metres, a long shot for a .22 to make. Having a scope that tracks well with a suitable reticle is necessary too as the red dot generally obscures the target at that range.

This rifle is a lot more expensive than a CZ bolt action .22LR rifle which one could buy new (unscoped) for about $600-$700. This one is $1295 (unscoped) and a suitable scope would be in the vicinity of $550 on top of that. It sounds expensive I guess, but when you consider my long range guns start around $5,500 plus a scope at $4,000 it's cheap! The ammunition is cheap too at about $8/50 as opposed to up to $1/round for my long range ammunition.

It's what makes .22LR rifle and handgun shooting so attractive, and why it's very popular. It's cheap! Once can shoot all day and only cost themselves $20 in ammunition.

I haven't made my mind up on buying this gun yet although it's worth buying in my opinion. It's a great shooter and comes with some additional cool-factor due to it's rapid-fire capabilities.

Anyway, that was Sunday...Sure, maybe I neglected my home-maintenance duties somewhat but 80% of the jobs got done after I got home from the range and I had the chance to fire a gun before buying it...Something that one doesn't always get to do.

If you've got any questions or comments drop them below, I'm around and will answer. 👇

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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Holly Molly!!! You must feel very bad ass while holding that ! :D

It's only a .22LR so not really, I've got more bad ass guns than this one, but they come in handy to shoot rabbits and hares. The other guns I have would explode them into nothing where. The .22LR knocks them down and generally leaves them intact, but dead.

There's a healthy .22LR practical rifle competition here, I'm one of the organisers, and this rifle would perform well there, so...I'm thinking about it from a couple different angles. It's a nice little shooter.


Exactly! You don't want them scattered all over the place! :D

Good luck with that brother. I'm sure it'd go perfectly as the G-DOG is in charge! ;) <3

Sometimes I fuck things up though, I'm only human. 🤣

Hahahaha! I feel you man!
No matter what I'm sure it's gonna come out well. ;)

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The Pew sounds interesting. Why the PEW?

We are exhausted.. been prepping Buttercup all day.. awning, roofrack, boxes etc. So much work. We need a holiday

Glad you had fun on the range.

Well, pew pew is the accepted sound guns make...All kids said it, most anyway, and these days it's referenced to mean shooting.

So, I kind of combined that with the true meaning of the word church pew to sort of indicate that shooting is a religion.

Seemed a good idea at the time.

Yeah, I have a t-shirt of deadpool shooting guns with pew-pew written on it.😄

Exactly. :)

With the time between shots I am guessing the bolt release was pretty light and smooth flowing. It's a nice looking weapon, but I am not sure about the barrel shroud. It seems to be a bit short, and a rather large opening that looks like it could snag on things pretty easily. It has been a few years though since I even bothered looking at pistols and rifles, so i guess it could be a style thing to differentiate it from other makers.

The barrel shroud is about standard, they don't go all the way over the barrel usually. You can see two of my other rifles below...If an operator was catching on things they might need to re-evaluate their technique. Some googling would demonstrate what it's all about, if you can be bothered, which I assume you can't be as it's not really that relavent.


Ruger RPR (6.5mm creedmoor)


Warwick WFA1 (.223)

The bolt-release was very smooth and it released after only a very slight amount of pressure. Of course I wouldn't go as far as saying it was light, but for safety purposes it needs to have some resistance to it.

Buy it!!!

Sounds like a good Sunday, mine is just starting. Aiming to buy some fish and use a soldering iron for the very first time!

Not soldering iron on fish I assume. 😁

I've used a soldering iron a few times, needs a bit of a delicate touch but generally easy enough.

I like this little rifle...Feels good to operate, didn't malfunction and is accurate. Evaluation phase complete, justification phase initiated.

Have a great Sunday Boomy me mate! Getting on to 6pm here...Dinner time in an hour or so.

P.s. That bourbon bbq sauce beef brisket I made last night...It was fucking awesome! Roast carrots, potatoes, parsnips and steamed broccoli on the side. Worked out nicely. 😉

I am jealous is what sounds like a bloody good feast!!!

Yeah, evaluated, justified now just purchasified to be done!!

Now, where's that fish to be soldered... :0D

Fish soldering...Such a great past time to engage in on a Sunday. 🤣

A man gotta have a passion. That's one for the gravestone!!


I think that voids the warranty on the soldering gun

Haha, I guess that's a consideration...But fish soldering is so much fun!

Bloody small print. I mean what else would people use soldering guns for?

The jobs will (probably) still be there next weekend, the opportunity to shoot the gun you're thinking of buying might not have been ;D

Exactly my logic...😉

I got most of the jobs done though and Faith helped so it didn't take too long. It's been a pretty good Sunday and hope yours has too.

I got to training for the first time in a long time so it was good :)

and now my legs hurt again because they hadn't fully recovered after I made them do a hundred million squats when rearranging the art cupboard, I never do squats ever XD

It's been a while yeah! Don't worry about the legs Ry, no pain no gain!

Given that I kind of need to move around and jump a bit, I kind of have to worry about them, especially when they make me slow or just decide they're not going to stick a landing regardless of how I feel about things XD

Have a Red Bull...It gives you wiings...Apparently. :)

I don't like Red Bull XD

Or any kind of fizzy drinks at all for that matter :S

I don't drink it either. Tastes like shit.

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Damn. I just did not realize that you had to have single fire rifles. .22 gas operated semi auto is REALLY common around here. Way more common than bolt action, matter of fact.

That is a fine looking piece. Buy it, you'll hate yourself if you don't. If for some reason you don't like it a few thousand rounds in you can sell it for what you paid for it....

I've far and away shot more .22 rounds than all the rest combined. When I was a kid my brother and I each got one bullet at breakfast. Everytime we brought in a bird carcass we got another. We got another bullet each at lunch, too.

I remember when a brick (500) .22 LR Winchester was $6.00 :) It was lead wadcutter ammo, but you could shoot a lot, even as a kid.

I haven't shot much .22LR, certainly more centrefire than 22 anyway. All the shooting I've done called for larger calibres really, although shooting a 22 is good for practice as it's so cheap. I'm not sure if I'll buy this gun. I like it, but I like to justify purchases these days; Seems sensible.

I love 22lr. It was the first round i learned on. Actually the first round i ever shot was 54r. But then immediately discovered the joy of semi auto 22lr.

I think this gun you checked out actually has a strong advantage over semi autos and that jamming. Semi auto 22lr jam pretty frequently usually a mis ejected casing. Amd they get dirty quickly.

But boy are they fun.

That there is a good looking gun. I'd get it if you've got the cash to spend.

Does the misses shoot? If so or you're looking to get her into it. 22lr is the way to go. Most women i know enjoyed shooting that round.

Yeah Faith shoots sometimes, mainly only long range. She's good to a kilometre but only at about 65% accuracy...At 700m she'd hit a chest sized target 8 of of 10 times though...She's a good shooter. (Just doesn't know the science behind it.)

I might get this gun, I just need to justify it. I'd like to get it, but I'm always cautious with firearms not to get swept up in the emotion. If I see a need for it I'll get it, is my motto.

Wait on it two weeks before reconsidering. That way any chance of impulse buying and those feeling have settled. If you need it after then. Then you know its a good buy.

Yep, that's what I figure, if it is meant to be I'll chase it down, if not then I won't miss it.

I like this gun's floating barrel design.
It looks pretty slick too.

And, as you said, the 22LR is just awesome for actually using.
You can give it to your kids, you can hunt rabbits, you can play with it all day without going broke...

The only thing that is more fun for less money is airsoft... but that is a completely different sport.

It's a good shooter and would come in handy for me although I'm not sure I will get it. Depends on if I feel I have a need for it. Thanks for commenting and taking a look at my post.

I haven't asked you till now, but do you play pubg or Call of duty.😅

Nah, I don't play video games.

Oh man! What will they bring out next.
Where I come from on the farm, we had an old .22 long and I can't even remember the make, but it was deadly accurate. Lock and stock of course and manual load.

My first encounter with a semi-auto was in the army with an R1, sheer pleasure to shoot but for some magical reason it increased in weight on a long patrol lol.

This baby that you have here would be ideal for what you have in mind and I am amazed at that gas return, as it is similar to the action on the R1s, only difference as you said was that the R1 actually loaded the next round from the mag on auto.
I think that it's a great buy and happy that you got a feel in before the purchase!

Yeah, it's a pretty sweet little set up, accurate too. It'll be a little heavier with a scope on it (not the red dot). A good little shooter for sure. I'll have to make sure the purchase is justified to be honest. I want the gun for sure, but I need to make sure it's the right move; I'm not much of an impulse buyer.

Oh yeah, long patrol's make everything heavier huh? Imagine the heavy-gunner....The machine gun, the rounds...Sucks to be him.

I saw in your post that you weigh your options before you buy and it's always a good thing to do lol.
Looks can be deceiving, but that little guy looks like a good buy.

Hahaha, we call them LMGs and the carrier automatically gets the nickname of mule. The field radio ops team also had a hard time on foot, especially when the small marauding squads were formed. A big backpack with batteries and equipment in it can break a back lol.
Mind you, that was in the 70s and I see that many things have changed.

Oh yeah, that's true...Radio operators are pack miles too! Batteries are lighter these days, especially the new lithium technology coming through; Powerful batteries but way lighter. That's technology for you though right! The average soldier still carries a lot of weight though.

Yeah, full kit will always be a pain and in the early days of a new soldier's life it can be a curse. Every mile on a route march feels like a life sentence hahaha.
Not even to speak about the obstacle courses and it's torture in full kit.
But that's army life and definitely not for the faint hearted :)

The military builds character for sure.

I spoke to my friend on the weekend...The girl who is now two weeks into recruit training (boot camp) for the Australian Navy.

0430 wake-ups by boatswains whistle over the PA, 15 minutes to shower, dress, hospital-corner the bed and muster...Then work all day, PT and instruction, until the 2230 lights-out...11 weeks to go. Lol.

Character building. She's loving it though.

Oh yeah, a tough life and how we hated those bedding inspections in boot camp, as they always found fault no matter how well the folds were creased and then it was outside in shorts for 100 push ups!

Infantry training was certainly a real character training affair lol.
Thankfully later I got the job as a boxing trainer and I could miss most drilling camps lol.

I used to be able to do 100 push-ups. Alas, those days are over. ☹️

Very cool. Nice writeup. I would love to see some video of it in action. The availability for 25rd magazine capacity is really nice for plinking range days. My state (Colorado) restricted magazines to 15 rounds a few years ago. We're still fighting to get that rescinded. Until then, I bought this sweet little tri-mag adapter that holds three of the 10 round magazines together for fast switching.
More to come on that later. It sounds like this may be like the Sig P365 I bought last year. Once I had my hands on it at the gun ranges, the feel of it kept going through my head everyday for 2 weeks until I went back and bought it!
Looking forward to your next outing with it!

These are cool. I was shooting a Ruger 10/22 yesterday, permitted on certain licence classes here, and the owner had one of these magazines for it. The mags worked fine but the rifle kept jamming. Was fun though.

Hmm not sure what the jamming about, the Ruger generally one of the most reliable semi-22's out there (This will be my 4th over the years, sold 2 older ones as I was upgrading). Can be a bit picky on certain ammo though, doesn't like the longer case Stinger's and some of the other longer case high velocity, but generally does great with all other ammo. Usually it's the cheaper mags that it has issues with or ones with bent/worn out lips.

I think it was an ammo thing to be honest as later it was running ok. It was nice to shoot though as it was mounted in a tactical sort of stock, I'm not sure what it was called but it looked a little like the Fabrique Nationale FN P90. Was kind of cool.

New toy new toy alert hihi! Congrats for this one, it will have a warm place in your collection!

I haven't bought it, nor have I made the decision to do so, as stated. We'll see what happens, maybe I will, maybe not.

Hihi I'm sure that you'll make the best decision

Let's hope...I think I will though.

Buy it. You know you have to really to avoid that nagging feeling inside. It calls to you like the one ring! Looks awesome mate and reading how you write about it I can feeeeeel that you really would like to own one. 😃

Haha, the one ring...My precioussss!

You're right you know, it needs to be within one of my safes to be honest...I wouldn't sleep well if it wasn't. It's a nice little thing...A lot of fun.

looks like a tidy piece of kit for real. I'm bunking off again this afternoon. Loving the afternoons right now

You gotta take the time whilst you can, life's too unpredictable to leave something for tomorrow that can be done today...Especially if that thing is kickin' back!

ohhyeah. I also need some plan B planning time also. Wheels are in motion

Plan B is coming along then?

yup. I have a gut feeling it will be plan a. Which in a lot of ways I don't mind as I am starting to see plan b as my preferred option ;)

So, if plan B is preferred, but it looks like plan A is likely, does that actually make A B and B A?