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Last weekend I went shooting with a few mates to work on some shooting stage designs for a competition we will be running in October. You can read about it here if you want to take a look at the post from last week.

Essentially, the weekend was about testing shooting-stages in the field to make sure they worked from a practical perspective and we hadn't made them too difficult, easy or boring. We generally just set up each stage and shoot it, as we designed it on paper, and see if it works.

We had a little fun shooting them, tweaking the design and timing and then documenting it so we know exactly what to do when we get back to the property in October the week before competition to set up. Of course, we also indulged in some long range shooting, just for fun, with a couple of us making repeated shots out to a shade over 1400 metres (1531 yards) on 15 inch steel targets which is quite satisfying.

Some shooting sticks.

When the shooting stopped we packed up and headed back to camp to get the fire going as the nights were down at zero degrees celcius; We needed warmth and had to sear some beef flesh on the grill for dinner, hamburgers, and to brew up some coffee. It's also nice to have a fire to sit around and inevitably that's when the bullshit starts.

OK, it's not all bullshit...Some of what we talk about isn't lies at all! One thing's for certain though, the talk is spirited, often inappropriate and usually very funny. Sometimes we have pretty good conversations though and on Saturday night this was the case.

The guys I was with are all former military guys but now one is a police officer, one a farmer and the other lectures economics at one of the universities here in South Australia, and I do what I do. What I find interesting though is the way people who shoot guns are labelled by those who don't;Labelled incorrectly most often. That's what we were talking about; Perception, or false perception more to the point.

You see, all of us have been judged negatively by those who don't shoot or own firearms; It's as if having a gun automatically reduces one's intelligence in their eyes, and makes us cruel or cold-hearted killers...It's really dumb, and not at all true mostly.

Anyway, we had a great chat about the topic and shared some funny stories of conversations we've had with non-shooters or times we've been judged poorly just for being a gun owner; Here in Australia most firearms owners have had it happen.

Legit campfire huh?

We sat up late into the night talking about that, then guns, the competition, the military, state of affairs around the world and mates we have lost and miss, our jobs and any number of other things...All whilst chomping burgers and snacks, and sipping coffee...OK, one of the fellas brought a few bottles of a pretty good merlot and some all of it may have been consumed, albeit it from our coffee cups; No fancy glasses in sight! Overall it was a really nice night spend with some legitimately interesting people.

I've been shooting for a long time...I started at around the age of 20 so for the better part of 30 years I've been pulling triggers and sending rounds; I love it. Having said that though, it's the people I met and have befriended through being a shooter that has provided the most enjoyment and value. Yes, shooting guns is very enjoyable and rewarding, but without those guys and gals I've met along the way it would feel a little hollow and certainly wouldn't have been as enjoyable.

I've played team sports in my life and found a similar feeling but with gun owners it feels a little different; We connect differently. Maybe that's because the fact owning guns connects us in ways non-gun owners will never understand.

So how about you? What activities have you done that draw you together with like-minded people. Have you found them to add value to your hobby or activity? Have you built lasting friendships from hobbies, sports or other activities?

Comment below and tell me about it.

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Crypto and voluntaryism for me. I'd love to go to Anarchapulco in Mexico at some point.



I have nothing against legal gun owners, my best from childhood till now has so many guns, when I go to visit him in Florida the first thing he does is show me his new purchase. Once I asked him "Why do you need so may guns?" His answer > For when zombie apocalypse starts 😂 last I spoke to him he said that should be around November LOL.

But I wish I had the opportunity to learn to shoot professionally and not just bust a few shots at the bird bush and illegal fire arms in the streets. I never really had the opportunity around me. And now living in Japan, it is nearly impossible to get a license worse when you are a foreigner. But one thing is for sure, if I ever move back to Jamaica, that is the first thing I am sorting out.

Nice camp fire vibes man, that is my kinda chill. I would probably go for some herbs before the spirits though 😁

Oh yeah, for me, I am realizing music and business dealings give me that lasting connection. I make songs on and off but I am realizing that it is something I really like to do and the people I can connect with is awesome.

For when the zombie apocalypse starts

This is often my answer also. November huh? Thanks for the tip...I'll ramp up my preparations!

I'm not into alcohol much, only been drunk three times in my entire life of 50 years...Never tried the herbs as you put it...Not something I've ever been inclined to do. But hanging around the campfire talking shit, star gazing and chilling out...That's my vibe. I add in a glass or two of alcohol sometimes, but if it wasn't there I wouldn't miss it.

Music is awesome and another way for people to connect either through making it or listening to it. I always have music playing and play the piano myself so it's a big part of my life.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.


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An exciting male hobby. Weapons are a serious hobby. And a good opportunity for outdoor recreation. Thanks you.

Hi there and thanks for your comment. I've been a shooter for a long time and really enjoy my job by. I make my own ammunition also which is repetitive but I find it relaxing.

Love a legit campfire 👍

I know right? So good.

Oh I think it shows a lack of deep understanding to judge a person just because they own a gun. After I have read your posts, owning a gun is not a walk in the park, there are so many technical skills implied. I find it fascinating actually and very complicated.

I have found lovely people through my job. Being a hairdresser I connect with so many people. I have found clients and turned them into friends. We talk about books, space, philosophy while I do hair. I am not your typical hairdresser that's for sure. I think we attract people similar to us, with the same passion and drive for life. I always love a good life story, I like to listen to people when they tell me things.

Hairdressers are captive audiences for their clients and these days people tend to share much about their lives and so it's unsurprising that people chat with you a lot I guess. Obviously you also show you are open to the conversation.ibrhink being able to discourse on many topics is a strength, fortunately one I have too.

Yes, people do open up a lot. It takes a lot of experience to know what to select which could actually be useful. From every person there is something to learn

Awesome campfire XD and you must really love camping, as much as I like campfires it's too damn cold atm and it's probably even colder over there XD

Love camping. A lot. :)

Nice fire. Caveman TV

Well, there's shooting of course. Trap shooters tend to be a relaxed group. Skeet shooters tend to be stuck up asshats. IMHO 😂 I can't afford the clothes you need to be a skeet shooter.

Motorcycle riding (not being a biker) and particularly long distance riding. Those boys and girls know exactly why the dog sticks his head out the car window. When that clan gathers it's always a good time. Always a fire or two, depending on the number of participants. Generally camping involved. I've met some incredibly cool people from all walks of life.

There's actually a registry of willing LD riders that will give you a hand if you are stuck on the road. I've been on both sides of that equation and it's pretty darn cool. We also have a registry of <$50 motels. For when you've just got to have a shower and a bed....

Everything goes better with a campfire I reckon. We have had some great campsites over the years and at each one have a fire either for comfort or food. Mostly we camp away from other people in remote areas but sometimes we have been reasonably close to others, a few hundred metres or so, and the fire will often draw in a few stragglers.

I remember one time at a place called Melrose here in the South Australia outback we were sitting around the fire right before dinner. Over walks a lone camper we had watched pitch his tent an hour before some 200 metres away and he had a bottle of red wine in his hands. He introduced himself and asked if he could sit a while. Of course we said yeah, and we had a good old chat.

He was Dutch and making his way Around Australia in a little Toyota Corolla so didn't have much. We offered to make dinner for him, as we making our own, and he sat and shared grilled salmon and a green salad with us, with toasted sandwiches filled with Nutella and stewed apples topped with vanilla custard for dessert. (Toasted in the coals of course.) He was loving it.

Something about a campfire brings people together I think. He took off around 10pm back to his tent and was gone before we emerged in the morning...I can't recall his name but we had a good chat about all sorts of things. It was a good night. Thanks campfire.

No kidding. Campfires bring people together.

We have a running get together at a decrepit California location every year in November. There are often 30 people show up on motorcycles. During the day various people go for supplies (any excuse for a ride) and wood for the fire. The fire generally lasts all night. Some stay late, some (me) are up early. And all are welcome. Some great 'casual' visitors over the years. Two couples now co-ordinate with us and come even though they don't ride :)

There is something special about the fire. Seems to be 'deep wired' into us all!

It comes from caveman days I think...The primal power of fire. I'm writing about this in the #weekend-engagement post on Friday...You'll see if you take the time to check it. Lol.

Well, baring my nephews and nieces becoming crypto owners I'll probably check it out.

That is indeed, a very legitimate camp-fire, worthy of the Gods. No doubts there will always be certain hobbies or interests that attain a negative stigma, most of the time uncalled for. I once told someone I liked automobiles, and am a passionate car enthusiast.

Being the avid cyclist, they immediately gave me the red eye as if I'm the devil. They don't even ask, or know me well at all past that brief conversation. Nevertheless, I give no shits to people like them, and I've made tons of great mates along the way with a share love for four wheels, and an engine.

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I've seen that movie the gif is from...Can't recall the name of it though.

Road toads always have something to whinge about to motorists...They take up all the road with no regard to the rules or traffic then get surprised when they get squashed.

Yep, agreed. I have no quarrels with a lot of cyclists, and they generally keep to themselves. But sometimes, these bastards hog up the lane, either forcing you to cut into opposing traffic. You could honk and ask them to please get out of the way for a little bit, but then they'll just shout expletives at you. Cunts!

Also, that movie is called 'Army of Darkness', and boy was it a gem of laughter to watch it through. It's been a while, but this is the sort of scene I'd imagine if you were to time travel. You'd just plop down in a medieval village just as they're about to burn a witch, holding up your rifle and proclaiming, "This is my BOOMSTICK!", but in a very thick Aussie accent.


This post got me like, "I want my own toooooo"😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.....and gun friends too.

In Nigeria, its crazy, law enforcement officers are going around seizing people's firearms and they're licences, yet insurgency and insecurity keeps going on the rise. Everything looks orchestrated by the govt though, they are leaving citizens defenseless and barely doing enough to curb the insurgency within its states. Its as if they want it to thrive.

So if you purchase any firearms now, youre automatically on the radar of law enforcement....except its done black market way and that could land someone in bigger offences.

So while you enjoy your shooting(hobby) and lovely ammunitions...the closest experience I can have with guns for now is through playing Far Cry, or other first person shooter games like C.O.D

In some places governments are tantamount to organised crime.

Gaming can offer some enjoyment I guess, but when you compare that to actual shooting it could never come close to offering the same feeling. Come down here and I'll take you shooting.

In some places governments are tantamount to organised crime.

True that!

Gaming can offer some enjoyment I guess, but when you compare that to actual shooting it could never come close to offering the same feeling

You ain't gotta make me feel bad like that😩
But that's true sadly.

Come down here and I'll take you shooting.

Now you're talking!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁wide grin!