Looking for the weekend

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Is it ever too early in the week to start scoping for the weekend? I'll be honest with you hive team...No is the only possible answer to this question. Come on...Don't you agree? Come on!

So, it's just gone 9pm and I have just returned home from work...Yes, I know...WTF! I don't normally work this late but had a full day and, well I won't lie here folks...I'm over it! (The week I mean.) Come on the weekend!

I'm going shooting this weekend, as I do most weekends but this week it's a little different as I'm heading well north of home, about 300km north, to test out a few targets and stages for a big competition I'm involved in as an organiser and range officer due to run in late October. As an organiser I don't get to compete although I get to design, set up and test all the stages and targets beforehand which can be a lot of fun.

This weekend we're testing some long range stages so I'll get to give one of my long range guns a run, blow the cobwebs out so to speak...As if the G-dog let's cobwebs get anywhere hear his guns! Never happens. I'll get to bang away behind a long gun at decent range, over 1200 metres (1312 yards), and test both targets and stage/course design all weekend.

When designing stages for competitions be it long range practical rifle, shorter range rim-fire rifle or handgun competitions it is important to ensure that the stages fit the brief or scope of competition; Some have set regulations that must be met and others are for fun and so those stages must be shootable for a range of skill-levels. This is why we spend so much time designing and testing the stages. If we were to get it wrong a competition stage could be too easy, too hard or simply too boring...We build in an element of challenge to test and push the shooters skills but people won't come back if it's not fun or the stages are simply too difficult to shoot. It takes some effort.

I like doing this sort of thing, designing and testing stages, as it can be quite technical but creative at the same time. We focus on simulating real-world situations and occasionally make up some super fun stages.

One we did for fun was called zombies designed for a two man shooting team...It went like this:

  • Start standing side by side with all equipment: Gun, ammunition and back packs.
  • Run 30 metres to a simulated boat which was in fact a 6x6 foot platform suspended off the ground by a long chain at each corner so it rocks around like the deck of a boat on the ocean. Climb on the boat and shoot at two zombies (steel targets) at 550m. When both shooters have hit their targets twice each they can move on.
  • Exit the boat and run 30 metres to the house (A cubby house).
  • One shooter climbs inside and engages two zombies (steel targets) at 450 metres and when hit twice each the shooter exits and moves to the second shooter, removes that shooters magazine from his backpack and hands to the second shooter.
  • Second shooter loads rifle and climbs angled roof of house and engages two zombies (steel targets) at 675 metres. When when hit twice each both shooters run back 60 metres to the boat, board it and engages the first two zombies again (they came back to life) and when hit the stage ends. Keep in mind the boat is moving all the time making the shots very difficult.

A maximum of two minutes was allotted for the stage. Only two teams made it back to the boat and none actually completed the entire stage leaving a targets un-shot through lack of time. It was pretty gruelling.

It was designed as a fun stage and it was a lot of fun! It combined an element of speed, teamwork, shooting skills and physicality. So, it's not a real-world scenario as we called the targets zombies but in a firefight it is not inconceivable that a marksman will need to do this sort of thing so it kind of worked. It was big hit on that particular two-day long range shooting event. I came forth over all on that weekend against some of the best long range shooters from around Australia...Not my best result ever, but the most satisfying considering the event and the entrants.

So...That's what my weekend has in store for me and why I'm so eager to see it come around. A few of my bro's will head north, camp over the weekend shoot during the day and tell lies around the campfire at night. Legit weekend? Yep!

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

P.s. The phrase on the scope of my gun in this image says:

Vincit qui se vincit which translates to he conquers, who conquers himself.

I have it there to remind myself that self-mastery is what is truly important...That beating my personal best is winning, rather than beating others.


The boat adds a but of firing torture, I love it! You're too far away, or you'd have a gate crasher, LOL!

Winter there, hot here we will be about 40 °C here this weekend. You will have more fun, we will be feeding the homeless Sunday....

They had a record gun sales month last month, and ammo stock is being depleted! I have been working around the edges, and I'm still finding plenty.



I don't know what these tokins are?

But thanks, LOL! Hope your weekend is perfect....


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Yeah we try to throw in some fun aspects as well as some serious challenges. The ranges used for that zombie stage weren't huge but the targets were quite small and painted green so were hidden in the scrub somewhat. The shooting positions, exertion and the time-pressure made for an excellent stage. It was a lot of fun.

Oh yeah, warm there. I'm not looking forward to our summer...Gets into the high 40 °C temps...Hate it.

Seems like things are still quite lively up your way huh? I haven't seen much of the news lately but @krazzytrukker has reported having to divert and avoid certain areas along his route. I hope you've got some ammo stored away.

Some ammo, you hurt my feelings, ROFLOL!

Got some 300 Win Mag today for under $25 a box. ♡♡♡♡♡

I know...light loads!


Oh very very nice! I like how you thought about the challenge! I am sure that the week-end will be great.

I really liked the end quote. To master yourself is indeed the only thing which in the end matters. Thank you for reminding me this as well!

Thanks Mary, yeah it's a nice quote...I could have put kill them all and let god sort them out, on there but the quote I used seemed to resonate with me a little more. Lol.

Hahahhaha, this one ain't bad either. Warrior style.

One never knows when this strategy may come in handy...One to keep up the sleeve for a rainy day.

Oh yes

Lol, you need a better scope, weekend isn't visible through this one😜

I'll be honest...I don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday...It's Wednesday night here...So...I guess it is the weekend for me. Lol. I've got a lot planned from tomorrow though, weekendy things despite it only being Thursday. #charmedlife

Ahh, wow, guess your scope had far better modern technology than mine. I still have to wait for the usual Friday to come.

BTW, which rifle is it in the second pic. I feel like I have used it while playing some games on my PC.

Never, ever too early for the weekend. If nothing else, retirement has taught me THAT.

So. Not a word about how your day went? I'm presuming you are still employed but beyond that?

Sounds like a fun weekend to me. Any weekend that involves camping, camp fire and shooting sounds good to me. The only thing missing is a motorcycle (yes, I have been known to ride to the local trap range).

Not a word about how your day went? I'm presuming you are still employed but beyond that?

The meeting was never about whether I'd be employed or not, more about how much bonus they will pay me. I exceed my budget each year and am not the sort of person the three Directors would feel inclined to get rid of.

It should be a good weekend I reckon...I've done it before many times and never had a bad time. We don't use motorbikes as we have too much gear but we have ATV's so just as fun.

I presumed a thing from my experience and shouldn't have. For me a hearty 'fuck you' has been the end of more than one job :)

Yep. ATVs are great fun AND harder to tip over. Probably a good choice...

a hearty 'fuck you' has been the end of more than one job

They might get one of these at some stage...Just not yet. Lol.

In truth the meeting went well, I just don't really know how to say it here on hive appropriately and so it's probably best I don't say anything. It could have gone better, but it went about as well as expected.

We've got to carry heavy steel targets and frames and so the ATV's do the duty work...They are fun to drive too as you say. Will they get used inappropriately? No, of course not! Yep.

actually it is always too late to look for the weekend...I wish we all had the long time for games or the things which we would like to do. But we all have weekends to do these things...so my answer is Nooooo!

Have a great day friend...

Have a good day yourself also.

Thanks. :)

Sounds like a choice weekend 😁

Should be as legit as they get...When sleeping in a swag in near 0 degree temperatures. Lol.

I'm looking forward to it.

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I'd say designing competitions sounds at least as much fun as competing but I don't like competing XD

Seeing as you finished so late I feel like you get to finish really early today to compensate XP

It's so much fun. I don't mind competing though as I've eliminated the desire to put myself amongst the others...I compete against myself, seeking to better my performance each time. If I do, it's a win. If I do not I work harder. I don't care where I come in respect of others.

Nah, was working at 8am today, but from home. Heading to the office now for 4 meetings...It's 1pm here. Should be home by 6.