Passion, effort and the right attitude

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Those who know me remark about how multi-faceted I am; It comes from having many interests, a curious mind and a desire to know and understand many different things - I've always been this way and life is too short to be closed off. No matter what I do though, whether it's firearms, off-roading, my job, watching Netflix, travelling around the world, anything at all, I apply three things: Passion, effort and the right attitude.

With my shooting hobby people often ask what I like the most, what discipline or gun; There's no answer though...What I like the most isn't a gun...It's the fact I get to apply those three things above.

I shoot many different types of firearms from hunting rifles, competition and long range rifles, to hand guns, revolvers and shot guns. I'm often asked what I enjoy more, rifles or hand guns, culling or competition, hunting, clay shooting, or just all of them combined...It's a good question, but one that's a little difficult to answer.

I suppose the easy answer is all of them although to be honest I enjoy some at particular times and others at other moments; It's situational, seasonal and dependant upon my mood.

You can see one of my long guns up above. This is a rifle I shoot regularly out to a mile and more...That's 1600+ metres. It's challenging and many, many, factors combine to make it happen; It's not just a point and shoot scenario. Over the years I've shot a lot in the field at great distances and in the last several years many practical competitions have sprung up allowing for me to do so whilst competing against other like-minded shooters. I travel all over the country doing this and am heavily invested in the discipline.

Below is one of my tactical guns...This is designed for practical competitions where I run and gun in competition-stages designed to simulate real-world military and law-enforcement scenarios...The same as long-gun competitions, but a little different too. It won't shoot as far as the long gun above, but it is still a lot of fun, sometimes more fun - Certainly less frustrating at times.


Below is one of my handguns which is used in a similar way to the Warwick WFA1 above, that is, in practical run and gun competitions although with the handgun I shoot from a holstered position and make my way through practical real-world scenarios, obstacles, buildings, moving targets and the like. It is fast and exciting.

Each different form of shooting requires discipline and dedication, not just for my safety and those around me, but to get the best results and enjoyment from it. I spend a lot of money on this hobby in buying and modifying firearms, reloading equipment and consumables like projectiles and gun powder and to travelling around the country competing or getting to hunting locations. It's all a lot of effort. And so, I apply a lot of effort.


It's so difficult to isolate one firearm or discipline as more valuable to me, although easy to say what is the most prevalent personality trait I apply...Passion. I approach it with a lot of passion, as I do with life itself and everything in it.

I enjoy culling on the farm as it's relaxing, quiet (unless I'm shooting) and allows me to get away from people and be alone, but I love the urgency and hectic nature of practical shooting be it long range rifle or handgun. It goes deeper than that though.

Preparing for a long range competition takes weeks and weeks for instance and for me that preparation time is enjoyable as well. It allows my ordered mind to work through processes, for my slightly OCD nature to check, re-check then check again in pursuit of that comfort-level I need to be able to fly or drive interstate and compete at the highest level I can possibly find. It's a rewarding process. You see, for me it's the whole concept and process around my hobby.

I'm not one of those people who simply like to pull triggers and hear a loud noise.

I've been shooting in competition, and in the field, for years and years and that attitude wears off quickly; For me it's about chasing my best result possible, to attain a personal best each time I shoot and every element of the process comes into play from breathing and trigger-pulling process all the way back to making the ammunition I shoot...It's a complete package, not just a few isolated elements and not all firearm related; Passion, effort and attitude matter too.

So, what do I like more? That's not a question I can't answer when it comes to firearms, or most other hobbies I have either. For me it's not just the act of engaging with a thing, it's the journey that got me there, the lessons I learn and the path forward. A little like itself life really; It's the journey that matters, not the destination.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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Being a former paratrooper, I am the more "Point and Shoot" type. And to be honest I was happy to knock down the target at 300 meters qualifying, range wasnt my strong suit but I could knock anything down at 150 meters with ease and efficiency. Now, those days on the range really crushed my passion for shooting and even though i still enjoy i never got into it as much as i did before the Army. I still find my self fascinated by posts and articles. @jackmiller just shared an awesome youtube video comparing m16 and the Steyr AUG and i was captivated by the testing done by the Australian army. I would love to shoot one of those. But I am very similar with you in the fact that I have broad range of interest and i commit to them with passion and curiosity. My newest being the guitar. In a way it has replaced my relationship with the gun as you cant so easily go shooting every weekend here in Germany (though its doable). I love the discipline and theory needed to learn guitar and that my new passion. Its good we live in a world that allows us to pursue our passions (to some extent). Happy Monday!

The F88 Austeyr (the AUG you mention) is a nice rifle. A little odd looking but effective. A decent personal rifle for sure. I've fired a few and really enjoyed it each time. I didn't realise @jackmiller did a post on it, a pitty he didn't use The Pew community to post it. Still, no one really knows about it I guess.

I like shooting, guns, but have so many more things in my life that I am passionate about and interested in...I like being multi-faceted. I can understand how shooting isn't really something you're necessarily passionate about now...I mean you were bangin' away for so long...Time for other things, like carving it up on that axe!

I'm looking forward to some videos when the time is right and you wish to.

Monday deployed well, just making some pasta for dinner right now...Spaghetti with arrabiata sauce. Have a great Monday yourself.


Monday was a success here as well! Trimmed about 150 meters of brush away on the driveway played outside and chilled a little too!! I think it will be a long time before there are any videos online of me playing guitar!!! Lol. Maybe one day maybe you can bust out that bass and we can do a virtual jam 🤣👍🏻

Haha, I think the world isn't ready for my Bass playing either...Maybe more the faces I make when I slap dat bass...

A productive Monday it seems...150 of trimming? Nice work.

Let me see if I got this right; You don't touch anything, unless you find a purposeful relationship with it. am I right?

And I can't agree more with you not having one favorite as you have to use each of them for different requirements. You just don't do things for the sake of doing them I'm guessing. When you do them, you want it to be done to its maximum possible potential. :)

Purposeful relationship...Let's just say that I have to feel I am getting some value from it, that it's adding value to my life in some way...I am not interested in doing things that don't do that, life is too short. I don't feel right about myself if I don't put my best effort into things and when I do not I always regret it. It is the same whether I'm shooting, writing here on hive, working, with my wife in our relationship...Giving the best I have to give is what I feel best doing.

Pretty much what I have as an standard for myself, and when I slack off I just start kicking myself. It'd be greatly much more meaningful to live life that way. <3

Yep, motivation is important; The WHY we do things, and if that why is important enough we will accept that self-administered kick in the ass and get on with getting stuff done. Good ethos.

Yes sir!!!

Love that long range setup.

It's a nice little system man, so accurate and nice to fire. It kicks but it's more of a pleasing nudge in the shoulder than a punch with allows me to stay on target, watch the projectile land and adjust if required...Or smile in appreciation of the shot. It's my favourite gun, if I had to choose one...Looks pretty sexy, battle worn three-colour cerakote. I'll do some close up pictures of it and do a post sometime. That's not the scope I run usually. I put my Kahles 624i 6-24x50 with the SKMR3 reticle in MRAD on it usually, although that's in use on my culling rifle at the moment.

I like loud noises.

The last time I heard one it was all like, "Boom!" and I was all like:
NoNamesLeftToUse  Wow cover.png

Lol, I sometimes say that...Sometimes, ah fuck it I missed!

I think that you have some great "ging's", or what you Aussies call a "shanghai" in this post.
Over here we call it "Ketties" named after the catapult (slingshot) that was invented after Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in 1839. A wooden two prong fork with two rubber strings and a leather seat for a stone was my weapon of choice during my childhood on the farm. Later on I graduated to the .22 long that was one hell of an accurate rifle.

At snap load, aim and fire I could hit a matchbox at 30 yards with my kettie.
First time that I heard the name mentioned again was in the army as the guys called their rifles by the same name.
So yeah, you have some great "ketties" here my friend. At first glance I thought that it was an LMG in your tag picture until I looked a bit closer. That is one mother of a rifle that you've got there mate.
My trigger finger is itching lol.

A great post!

It's funny to see what other countries call thing, the local slang as such. I find it interesting.

Yeah, I've got a few pretty nice guns. I only show a few here though as there's no need to advertise too much I guess. That long gun is probably my favourite though. is my favourite. I have a soft spot for it as it shoots so well, is enjoyable to shoot and looks good. My mate did that paint work, a three colour cerakote scheme with battle worn theme...We came up with it together.

I always get a implement or two when people see it in real life and when it starts shooting...Well, it's pretty deadly.

I had a slingshot too. Made a crossbow as a kid also. I've written about it here.

You are right as only mad men wouldn't want a chance to fire that beauty.
But if I know you a little bit, you wouldn't want every Tom, Dick, and Harry to touch it.
I am like that with my camera Lol.

Great that you also had a slingshot and talking about crossbows, my cousin's son who happens to be my godson is a crossbow Gold medalist.
I prefer the longbow however.

Woooow.....Amazing, do i approach you as Father of guns?😂Because the sight of those guns wanna make me handle one now even though i don't have the experience of shooting.
I like your idea of being multi-faceted, its just like me,i like many musical instrument and that has enabled me have a knowledge of many of them.But i have this challenge, in the process of sticking and learning a new skill,i tend not to balance the rest i've known before. So lemme ask you,how do you balance all the skills making sure you are still the best at whatever you do?

This is a really good question. Balance.

I'll be honest, sometimes I don't balance things so well delving far too deeply into one area st times; My shooting, writing here on hive, building Lego, work, playing the piano for instance. Not always, but sometimes I fall down the hole so to speak.

I don't neglect the other things, just exclude them. Let me explain.

I throw 100% into what I am doing, am 100% present in that moment, focused. I set goals, targets and deadlines which I stick to. So, I could be 100% focused on shooting but when that time lapses I move on. Of course it's not all completely rigid from a time perspective. It's the same at work. When there I am focused.

I think setting goals, achievable ones, is important, breaking down tasks and prioritising too.

I fit a lot of things into my life and the importance of one over the other sways back and forth. The non-negotiable ones are my relationship and health though.

Understanding the why, the reason I choose to do each thing, motivates and keeps me on track, and my nature, desire to be the best I can be at a thing, helps me focus on pushing forward the best I can.

I hope this helps. Ask any questions you may have, any time. 😊

Yea. It really help,i like the part of one setting achievable goals,breaking one's task down and prioritising in whatever aspect one is delving into.Thumbs up man

Thank you and you're welcome. I'm always happy to hear from people who ask great, intelligent questions like yours, so drop in anytime.

Thank you so much. Please I'll like to see you follow up my post too, so that i'll be encouraged to do more.Thank you.

You need to be able to be self-motivated and encourage yourself here. If you only gain encouragement by achieving followers you will fail fast. I have been around here for 3 years and in that time I have never once asked for someone to follow me; It is not considered the done thing.

People will look at your posts either organically or will investigate your posts due to the engagement you show and the relationship you build, it is that simple. People will not do so because you ask them.

There are no short cuts, a user must do the work, out in the effort and the rewards will come. Just like in life.

Woooow.....its just discouraging at times. But i will see to it that i put more effort. Thank you so much.

You need to put more effort into engagement. Engagement on other people's posts. It's the only way. If you get discouraged then you need to either change the things on which you place your importance here, or leave and do something else. There's no free rides here, and it's not a get rich scheme.

Requesting pic of you in a ghillie suit.

Do you have an annual budget for ammo?

I don't really have a budget for ammo Matt, not one I set myself at the start of the year anyway. Occasionally I have to decide not to shoot due to cost, but that's mainly around the travel costs than the ammo. Because I make my own ammunition it's a little cheaper...9mm at around 0.23c per round and rifle rounds at about $2.20 or so for example, but it's a difficult figure to determine as I reuse the spent cases, the brass, over and over so don't have to repurchase that each time. It's a lot though, the money I spend, a little scary to add up and look at the total figure to be honest.

Were you looking for a figure, a rough amount? If not ignore this, but it's about $2,700-$3,600/ year in ammo depending on how many competitions I shoot. Sometimes a little more, this year will be much less due to the virus.

Great insight. The annual spend was plenty, but the extra rate per round really puts it into perspective. The best part of when I was a paintball sniper was not spending so much on paint. In this case, $2.20 per shot is intense, especially since that's discounted with your own production.

Yeah, a little more per round than paintballs huh? It get's a bit expensive and that's why I make sure that every shot I take has the greatest chance to meeting its intended target. It's all the peripheral stuff that get's it there. I don't like to waste rounds so I work hard on all those things that are going to help me send it with more accuracy.

Now I want to go paint balling...Been a while. So much fun.

We have it so good in the states, 23c for 9mm is like really good mid-level factory loads, the cheap stuff is well under 20c and people here can reload for lots less. Then again I don't know if you are using premium bullets, but some casters can make a sweet lead bullet and powder coat it for next to nothing. We're very blessed with the 2A and I admire your dedication to the sport!

You are very lucky yes. It's difficult here, costly and sometimes really difficult to get what we want. We do what we can though and have some fun. There's only 26 million of us here, some 326 million in the states so it's always going to be different. There's only about 850,000 registered gun owners here!

I'm not just a gun guy, I have other hobbies and am able to talk about other things, but I am pretty dedicated to it. I don't know everything about guns, but enough to do what I do with the guns I have.

That's my hangup right there, I have more guns than I could possibly wear out in my whole lifetime, let alone the time I have left. Plus the fact that most are of reasonably good quality.

I appreciate the well-rounded GalenKP, we have had some interactions in the precious metals arena, if you recall. I was largely distracted by my good friend (and gorgeous gurley) @silversaver888 but I remember you are also into PMs and crypto. PLUS a lot of other really cool stuffs like wilderness patrol 👍 I really need to get out more myself, I used to be boy scout...

Yes, I recall some interaction with you on one of SS888's posts.

I do a lot of stuff, I'm never in danger of being called one-dimensional that's for sure. I'm not all about guns, or off-roading, or silver, or my work, travel, Lego etc....I do it all and when I do I do so with passion and personality...It's the only way. They say boy scouts are always prepared so provided you have that ethos you'll be good. :)

OK now, I think I've got the handgun ID'ed…


I'd like to lecture you on putting a name to each picture, and I'd even love a spec sheet, but that is asking too much, and on your own tag LOL!!! 😂🤣 So I won't! But I can promise you, I have posts coming and I will be around "The PEW" a LOT! I do like that little WARWICK, and believe it or not, I want to make a straight pull bolty in something like 300BO subsonic. SO MUCH BETTER than having a clanging action breaking the near-silence of a properly loaded 'cat sneeze' or 'mouse fart' load. One can cycle the action as needed, and slowly and quietly, at an advantageous time. I have a sweet Henry H-001T which is the 20" octagon barrel. I have shot the regular standard velocity rounds w/o ear protection, and that is the 1080 fps loads. No action cycling, and all the noise goes out the front. 👍 A long barrel 300BO with a straight pull bolt could be the hot ticket!

Ooo, so close but no cigar...CZ Shadow 2. I'll pay it though.

Bloody hell mate, spec sheets? It takes me ages to do my posts as it is. I'm literally writing one on OAL right now and it's already 1350 words! I'll have it up later. I could put a name on the gun in future though, shouldn't be too hard. (I usually do actually.)

That Warwick WAF1 is a nice little shooter. AR15's aren't a thing here for most people so it's a good substitute. They do a 300 Blackout version. $3,439AUD ($2,222USD) in todays money. That's standard though, mine is not. (Mine owe's me over $7,000AUD all up.)

Anyway, I better get back that post...Trying to write technical stuff in a basic way is hard. I'm looking forward to some The Pew posts, just remember, no self-cross-posting. It seems like you'll have a lot to add and I'm looking forward to it.

Ooo, so close but no cigar...CZ Shadow 2. I'll pay it though.


CZ is one of the last few remaining items on my 'colleting list' of worthwhile items to find, even in a relatively well populated set. I have a very nice CZ knock-off in the Tanfoglio Witness Hunter 10mm,


but I'd still love a CZ in 9mm. Had a really good chance to buy a 75B for only $400 which had a trigger job by my good bud Reaper... Really should have grabbed that immediately. 😢 I did get a really sweet Ruger GP100 from him with a trigger job, the single action is quite crisp and clean, and even the double action is very smooth. I describe Reaper as a 'backwoods gunsmith'. He's an old lumberjack from Maine, and much like you, he is well rounded and very experienced. Great Guy!

Cross posting? I won't waste my good stuff on 'steemit' :D
At worst I will just reference it and drop a link. Until Justin Sunny Boy starts flagging that LOL

I'm working up a clone plan on that Warwick, not an exact one but I think I can do the 300BO look alike rather faithfully with relatively common pieces, except the upper receiver. It's a back burner project, but one I have had incubating for a bit.

I really love my CZ handguns. I started with the P-09, which I still have, and now love shooting the Shadow 2. They really are very well made, reliable, accurate and not fussy which is nice. There's other guns I have and like, but I keep coming back to these two.


Make sure you post about your 300BO build.