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RE: Speaking of Trigger Control

in The Pew5 months ago

Well, if you're not happy with that there's something wrong with you! Lol.

I love how the video shows the movement in the gun through the scope. Movies always depict reticles as steady, totally still, but they never are. Nice video. You're a bad influence o me as now I want one of those cameras.


Yes, they are a fantastic training aid as well as fun. Of course with the larger rifles, you often don't get to see the follow thru as well. Fantastic detecting those tiny pre-trigger jiggles before the shots though, and funny how you can identify where some shots are off the mark, even though you thought they were spot-on at the time. The pellet rifles are cool because if lighting is right, you can even play back in slow motion and watch the pellet in flight. I haven't tried this with "real" bullets yet. They do offer a phone mount that is less expensive than the gopro mount, but I think the gopro gives better output and has better image stabilization depending on model.

I've never had a camera mounted to any of my guns. I was going to get a phone one but never got around to it. I need to get one arranged. I'd like to film trace. It looks amazing at long range, you know, watching the bullet make it's way to the target. I've watched it through the spotting scope, so cool.

I'll get around to it one day I guess.