Repetetive reclusiveness

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Not socialising much isn't unusual for Faith and I; It's not that we're anti-social per se, just that we are often most comfortable and satisfied either being alone or together and don't need to surround ourselves with other people all the time. It keeps things simple and simple is good. I am, after all, just a simple man.

These days, due to the flu restrictions, we're even more reclusive than usual and have been happily spending time at home gardening, building Lego, playing board games, writing blogs, reading, lazing around in the garden and seeing to some chores around the place here and there...It's all good.

I've also been doing a little extra training for one of my hobbies.

I usually spend a lot of time at home training my draw and target acquisition; Both elements are a critical part of the shooting sport of IPSC, a practical shooting competition that simulates real-world situations. I do it every day for around twenty minutes working to create speed and repeatability, muscle memory.

P2250013 1.jpg

It's simple...I strap on my holster rig and (empty) 9mm semi-auto CZ Shadow 2 handgun and draw, acquire the target (a series of small dots on the walls), aim, and dry-fire the handgun. Re-holster and do it again...And again...And again. I use a shot-timer to start the process at random intervals so I never know when the beep will occur, just like in competition. I do this in around 1.1 to 1.4 seconds depending on how good I'm going on the day.

Scoring at events is done by taking the achieved points score of each stage we shoot over the day, subtracting any penalties incurred and dividing it by the elapsed time to get a hit factor. It's called Comstock scoring. This is why a fast draw and target acquisition is desirable, along with many other attributes, as it can help towards a better score by saving time.

As I said, I do this each day for twenty minutes usually. I only do twenty at a time as that ensures my process is as perfect as possible; Training the wrong thing, sloppy work, is not worth doing. Lately though, I've been training twice a day, morning and night as I have more time up my sleeve. Man I'm gonna get goooood!

It sucks-ass though because usually the dry-fire training I do at home is backed up with live-fire practice at the range each week. It allows me to apply the training in the field along with the other factors including the actual shot and recoil, and the result down range of course.

Unfortunately the ranges are closed at the moment due to the flu...And I'm getting tired of training and not shooting. I haven't fired any handguns for weeks now, I think about six weeks, and that's the longest time I can recall for since I was about 21 years old (29 years ago. It's bloody weird.

Anyway, it'll come good at some stage I hope. I've been stocking up on rounds (I make my own) which is good as usually I shoot so much my stockpile is difficult to maintain...Now...Well, now I have...Let's just call it a lot of handgun ammo; Several thousand...Or much more. 😶

It's Sunday afternoon here rockstars, and I'm going to get strapped up for some training before...Well, I'll be honest, before I have a snooze...Then wake up for some more repetitive reclusiveness.

I hope y'all having a great weekend.

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Be well
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What! Dry fire will destroy your firing pin...

Oh yeah? Click. Click. Click...

Yeah I'm a gunsmith. It's fine. Some rimfires and definitely pinfires and cap and ball revolvers as well as muzzleloader rifles you don't dry fire.

Good training!

Centrefire's are fine to dry-fire...I use snap-caps anyways. It's all good. Training like this doesn't help certain elements of what I do however a nice clean draw and fast target acquisition helps shave a little time and can bring confidence also. Getting that first aimed shot away in under 1.5 seconds helps set the tone. (Some do it far quicker than I though.)

I am a victim of the dry fire myth. Good to know. Thanks @ganjafarmer ..!!

Dry firing rimfires is not good...But a centrefire should be no problem. I mean you wouldn't do it 10,000 a day or anything of course. Just get some snapcaps in the right calibre and you're golden.

Depends on the rimfire. Most are fine and some it says clearly.

Snap caps are cool I've had them. Great for drills and malfunction clearance. Load a few in those with a full mag and run recovery drills.

But yeah I didn't dryfire a few guns because I was all about the myth. Then like having a ar15 lower dryfire unassembled? You can damage things like the lower receiver wall. Or the pin holes. Seen a friend do that and it needed kns anti walk pins to function without losing those pins.

And good work. 1.5 takes time to get to smoothly. Keep working it!

I was told the dry-fire myth many years ago and like most didn't really know either way. Since then, with my knowledge increasing, I came to understand the right of it. I don't own rimfires but certainly wouldn't go about dry-firing them much if I had. My centrefire guns though, well, it's all good. I have to say though, I still don't dry-fire them much, not the rifles anyway. (Snapcaps, yep, they are awesome.)

I suppose it all comes down to the individual. Some would say go ahead, others would say don't. We're all going to do what we believe is right.

1.5 is not so bad...For a scrubber like me. I do all sorts of drills though, including draw, rack, find target as sometimes we have to start with an unloaded gun. Sometimes also with no magazine in at all, and so I practice that, as well as magazine changes also. It get's a little boring which is why I do it in small chunks.

Love it.

Break it down.

Practice often.

Slow is smooth Smooth is fast fast is lethal.

Love it!!!!

I read "retentive reclusiveness" initially and was like huh, then decided I better read properly XD

There's going to be a bunch of you coming back to the ranges with lightning reflexes XD

Yeah, I think the first visit at the range for most is going to be quite simple...People unloading whatever they have as fast as possible...And hitting nothing probably. Lol. I'm lucky that I get to shoot still, when I cull which I am doing Tuesday night so for me it's not so bad. Of course I can't be out there with any handguns though so...Yeah, better bring a lot of ammo that first trip back to the range. You think?

Reading properly is a highly-regarded skill it seems. Lol.

I read by word shape. It means I can read really fast, but because some word shapes look similar it does mean that sometimes my brain picks the wrong word and then I have to go back and resolve the actual words which is slow and inconvenient ;D

I often read my wife Faith by brail...Sometimes she doesn't mind...Other times she does...Depends if we're in public or not. Lol.

It's ok, I told her I was writing that...She laughed. I know this because I read her by brail.

I'm a super fast reader and yes, I sometimes miss-read things. I crack myself up sometimes because what I read is not always appropriate. I do the same as you too...It slows me down and i kick myself for not reading properly in the first place. It takes longer anyways!

I handed my blind mate the cheese grater. He said it's the most violent thing he's ever read.


I'm usually more comfortable hanging at home as well, rather than always socializing, so I am thankfully not suffering too much right now.

That is some pretty fast draw and target acquisition! I'd like to do some competition some day.

I know people that are so uncomfortable with their own company and are constantly surrounding themselves with other people...It's not bad or wrong, just not how we are. I think it says a lot about a person when they can spend time with themselves, away from others and feel contentment.

The draw is ok...Considering who I shoot against it's actually pretty slow. One of my mates (shoots at *Master Grade) does it in under a second. Little punk. (He's 15 years old) Lol. Keeping in mind he shoots Open division so his first shot is single action and I shoot Production so have to rack the gun then drop the hammer meaning my first shot is always double action.

I'm more interested in gripping the gun correctly and getting it out cleanly. Getting that first accurate shot away 0.20 seconds quicker won't mean much if my grip is wrong.

you look so cool. with a body that looks very muscular. You do a lot of fun things. it is very much needed in the current state of the pandemic covid19. we in Aceh are still free to leave the house. but that is only limited, the government does not allow to leave the province. and don't allow crowds. here it is not completely closed. Because most Indonesian people have a low economy.

I hope your days are always beautiful in the covid19 pandemic situation that occurs.

Thank you mate, yeah I get out and about have have some fun hobbies I guess.

We are not as restricted here as other States of Australia although certainly have restrictions. We can move about reasonably freely and I have access to some nice properties where I can shoot a little bit. Sometimes I go there just to hike around and stretch my legs.

We are lucky here in Australia as the country is quite financially stable and most have a reasonable standard of living. We have poverty also of course. I think the COVID-19 situation would be quite difficult in countries that are not as stable and I've seen a few on hive saying they are in quite dire straits. Let's hope it all clears up and we can all move on soon huh?

you look so cool. with a body that looks very muscular. You do a lot of fun things. it is very much needed in the current state of the pandemic covid19. we in Aceh are still free to leave the house. but that is only limited, the government does not allow to leave the province. and don't allow crowds. here it is not completely closed. Because most Indonesian people have a low economy.

I hope your days are always beautiful in the covid19 pandemic situation that occurs.

Some very tactical pair of jean shorts you've got there!

Haha, sexy legs too huh? I'll admit...I wasn't planning to be in any photos on that particular day and Faith just sort of called out to me and when I turned...Snap. Still, the ridiculous shorts take the focus away from my even more looks-challenged head! Lol.

Yeah, to be honest with you, I hadn't even noticed that you had a pistol holstered, until I snapped out of it some minutes later 😅. I was enamoured by those legs...

Yeah, they're hot. :)