The faithless weekend

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Hey y'all, I've just finished the first day of competition at the shooting event I'm attending this weekend. I'm a little tired to be honest, have a few protesting muscles and yet another day of running and gunning ahead tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun though!

I've been shooting well, fast and accurately, and my strategy on each shooting stage has been sound; An important element in doing well at practical shooting.

The shooting stages are designed to present challenges and various ways to complete them; Depending on the shooter's skill, and the firearm being used, there's always multiple strategies possible, some better than others. The key is to get the strategy right, but have the flexibility and presence of mind to adapt if things go wrong; Exactly like one would need to do in the field; Real-world situations are fluid and ever-changing. That's what practical shooting is all about, recreating real-world scenarios in a controlled environment.

Missing a target, gun malfunctions, forgetting ones' strategy or simply succumbing to time-pressure can change the way the shooter needs to proceed and making swift changes and proceeding confidently is a key focus. Those who adapt and overcome rise through the rankings.

I took a sneak peak at the results so far and I'm sitting second overall, by just a few points, but keep in mind I'll ultimately be excluded from the results altogether.

As one of the event organisers I'm ineligible to get a placing. Well, I'll get a placing but will be removed from the list prior to the rest of the competitors seeing it. I'm shooting for fun this weekend so I don't really care - It's all about giving the entrants a great shooting event and weekend, and having a little fun myself.

I'm faithless this weekend, meaning my wife Faith stayed home; She's recovering from an operation and I've been on nursing duties although secured a pass-out to come up here and compete. Her mum is looking after her at the moment. In truth, Faith insisted I come out here, she knew I needed a break - She's a champ. I've just gotten off the phone to Faith and she seems a little flat to be honest and I asked her if she wants me to come home but she said, nah, stay up there and kick ass. I'm keen to be home though.

After pack-down Sunday late-afternoon I'll be hitting the road for the three hour drive back home which I look forward to - I like driving and, whilst I'd rather Faith was in the shotgun seat beside me, I know she's waiting at home for me to return...Hopefully with snacks...A good reason to get there quickly - Her, not the snacks I mean. 😁

I hope you guys have been having a great weekend doing something fun also. No matter what you've been doing, or will do this weekend, I hope y'all are doing it passionately - There's no other way really.

Get after it and own the weekend y'all.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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That's a freaking awesome picture of Faith! You deserve a good weekend away. Best of love to Faith, hope she's okay.

Thanks Riv, I took that about a month ago out on the Farm. She looks better than me in photos so I use her for blog images. Lol.

I spoke to her a short time ago and she seems a little flat. I suggested I come home but she said to stay and that she'll be ok. She's pretty tough and so I decided to stay up here, finish the event tomorrow and and then race home. She's having her mum over tonight so they'll get some food, hang out and all. It'll be good for them. (I'll stay up here and demoralise (continue to demoralise) some of the entrants in the field tomorrow! 😂


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Its good to do what you love but its better when you have an opportunity that leads to that else that dream will be dead.
Am glad you found your place at firearms.
Just about go begin my weekend nor knowing whether to prepare some great meals or continue making the outfits I was working on.
Its good that Faith encouraged you to go without her, more strength to her body. Amen

Nice report. I'm glad it's going well for you. Personally and professionally as it were (and not sure which is which).

It'll be good to get home to some snacks. Maybe she'll even have cashew nuts for you. Or something that you'll like...

Cashews...We had a cashew nut incident last week...Someone picked them out of the nut mix again. 😇

Glad you are having a good time.

Congrats on a nice start to the weekend. You'll be home soon, with stories to tell to brighten moods on bad or low days. Stories like how you dropped to get in position only to have a small pointy rock right on your knee, and how hard it was to ignore the pain to get the shot in. Just keep thinking of those Monday Snack Cakes.

Lol...You raise a point that so many competitors don't think about...Knee pads. Fortunately I'm a professional and so use them. I have them inserted into special pockets in my tactical pants and. An take a knee rapidly with impunity. It's not rocket science, but most don't do it. I've had a lot of experience running and having to hit a knee and shoot. I'm a fast learner.

This is what makes the difference between a top ten result and being an also ran. 🙂

I've started competing for the day...Only four shooting stages to go now actually. Ten total, one down for today already.

I'll be home and snacking by 1700.

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Despite been a bit sore it's nice to hear you are doing well and enjoying your weekend shooting nice one 👍

It was a pretty good weekend and I had a good time...That's about all one can ask I guess right? I hope uou had a god weekend doing something interesting or just relaxing...There's a place for both.

That's the main thing enjoying your moments i had a pretty cool weekend watch a comedy show at a local pub and just relaxed with a couple of friends and some beers 🍺🍺

A comedy show, the company of some friends and a few beers sounds like a perfect bloody weekend to me! :)

It certainly was and we will do it again there were some pretty great funny local comedians at this pup 👍

I've been to a few comedy nights at he pub...One really great one, one that was ok, and made better by too many drinks and one that was terrible...But made better by too many drinks. That last one was so bad it was good. :)

This pup we go to it's no set comedian anyway can go up and do there thing if they are game enough which makes it more fun the organizes are more professional comedians and together they make it a great night even the real stupid parts can be ridiculous but funny and i think that's were the drinks kick 🤣🤣

Yeah, it's amazing how good bad can be after a few beverages right? 🤣

You had a lot of fun doing this, I think you indeed needed a break!