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I own and shoot guns...Most of you know that; It's a hobby. I haven't inundated my blog with firearms posts though as I have many other hobbies and interests and didn't want to seem one-dimensional.

I've made an attempt to represent my hobby responsibly though, in a positive way, and have enjoyed comments and engagement from many here; Some who don't like or have guns, and others who do. It's been fun.

Now there's the ability to bundle up my firearms stuff and drop it into the one place which is cool. I'll not post about it all the time but when I do it will have a home...Right here.


...have given people the opportunity to specifically place posts into a particular location and for people to congregate within that space. I figured it would be a good time to give it a try. It's sort of like a bucket, maybe library may be a better term, for my gun stuff to sit in...Other people's too.

"The Pew" Community, #hive-139358, is a place for people to post firearms and archery-related content...Anything firearms and archery related in fact.

As a gun owner I'm fully aware that many don't like, or understand, guns and the people who use them. It's a widely, and passionately, debated, topic around the world, especially when the media isolate a shooting-event. I get it too.

So because there's always many differing opinions, and we're all entitled to our views, I want to promote this Community as a place for everyone, no matter what your thoughts on firearms may be...

...even if a person is an anti-gun advocate. Here is where people can voice opinions, open dialogues, conversations and to comment about news or current affairs if they so choose.

Of course people with guns, and similar interests to mine, may pop in from time to time also I hope.

This Community #hive-139358 is where I'll be dropping my own firearms-related stuff from now on and if no one joins in that's completely cool; I'm not averse to a little solitude. You'll note I have opened the Community to archery also as I know there's some out there who are interested in that legit hobby/skill as well.

Are you a sports-shooter, target-shooter, hunter, weekend-plinker, pro-gun advocate, anti-gun advocate, someone who has an opinion on firearms or firearm/hunting related topics, military (current or past), gunsmith or simply interested in the equipment, techniques and concepts behind anything to do with firearms and archery? Are you Robin Hood? Have you ever taken a photo of a gun? It doesn't matter, feel free to post in the Community.

Tomorrow isn't promised - Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default

Join "The Pew" here.

Warwick WFA1 straight-pull .223
Tikka CTR .243
Ruger RPR 6.5mm Creedmoor
All three have been heavily modified.
Scope on CTR - Kahles 624i(6-24x56) SKMR3 reticle.

The cattle farm I cull feral pests on.

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Great use of Communities. Helps me understand what they are for.
Beautiful photos BTW.

Hey mate, yeah I know a lot of people have no clue (including me) on how Communities are all going to work out but I figured I'd jump in and have a go. I also started the Lego community a while back #hive-142010 which seems to be travelling along nicely.

Thanks for the comment about the pics. The first is my back yard, some of it, and the other is me laying in the spring grasses on a cattle farm I cull feral animals on. It was such an amazing day I just sat around soaking it in when I should have been shooting. Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by.

I've been studying that and can't work out whether thats good or bad trigger discipline. Damn those fat yellow fingers. I'm going to go with good...He's in a bar after all. :)

Looks like the hammer's back too, putting it on a hair trigger.
Low calibre,though.


Hey, any rules/guidelines on the SA Community?

Family-friendly; that's about it. I'm trying to set frogcake as 5% beneficiary, but haven't sussed it yet.

Ah cool, I'll throw a few in.

Thanks for creating this group Galen! Had you not I probably would have HA HA. Except my life is so chaotic I never have time to actually go out and do any shooting to make shooting posts.

As a gun rights activist living here in the states I wonder if I should start another gun group but only more on the lines of activism related to gun rights going on in the country in hopes more gun patriots here join up and we can start a sort of Steemit militia HA HA. Maybe that's what I'll call it! The Steemit Militia! What you think?

Hey mate, good to hear from you!

No time for shooting bro? Come on my man, you gotta make time...

I think the idea for a Community, as you say, is a good one. Especially since you are in the States. Communities are designed to segregate content so those interested can find it easily and reside there to the exclusion of other topics. I opened mine wide and to all and sundry as I figured someone might want to have a go at opening a conversation about them being anti (or) pro gun...I mean guns are guns and there's often different views. I welcome them all. Makes no difference to me considering I never engage in gun-debates either way. It's not productive for me...I have guns, nothing anyone says is going to change that, so why debate it.

Anyway, you should create that community after you get some pew-time in as you deserve it!


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Looks like links have changed use:

I'm not sure what you mean.

When I use your link there is no subscribe button etc. OOPS, being I use steempeak.com and have it change links to use steempeak.com from steemit.com and the page operates differently using the link you posted.

Sorry for the confusion, just a slight difference between frontend operations.

Ah cool...I just checked and they all work so yes, a difference between the platforms I think. You got it now?

Oh, something like gunboners from reddit :) sign me in! I don't own guns (not so easy to do in EU) but I love "shooting" them in tactical fps games :) Also really dig the way new rifles look, great combination of pure function and engineering art.

I've never seen reddit to be honest, not once...But yeah, if gunboners is about guns then yes.

It's great to have you along and I don't think you need to own guns to like them or be interested. I have many, but also know people that are interested in them but have none for various reasons.

Same here. If you have something to say then this is the place for it, regardless of owning guns or not. It's a resource I guess. At the very least you'll see some of my stuff which I'll post from time to time, not just guns but techniques and equipment also, plus stuff about my competitions, gun range and general thoughts I suppose also.

Thanks for joining in. I look forward to reading some posts from you.


South Australia is up and running, too :)

Oh really? I'll subscribe like a good South Aussie! :)

I like the name. The Pew. I saw it earlier in the list. It stands out from a crowd, that name.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Ah thank you sir.

I used it because, well you know pew pew, but also as in the context of church pew, a place to sit and reflect about the religion of...Shooting. In my head it worked. In reality I hope it does too. :)

I caught on to the wordplay right away. It's clever. Did you think about it for awhile or was it one of those magic thoughts that seems to pop up out of nowhere?

This is so AWESOME! I'm a little confused on how to use all this. I think I just accidentally made my own community! LMAO

I see you've started your own...

I think it's a good way to collect all your own posts in the one place, which is what #hive-139358 (The Pew) and #hive-142010 (Lego) is all about for me. That is also gives people a chance to drop some posts, engage and comment, is a bonus. It's all about fun, this interwebs experience I mean, and I think Communities will be a good way for a user to be more selective...Want to read about guns? The Pew...Lego? Then Lego and so on.

Very cool... ya. Actually created it by accident, trying to subscribe to communities... after I created it, I figured I should probably do something on it! Lol.

Why not huh? Many great things have come from accidental actions...Also many bad things, but let's keep it positive huh? Lol.

Oh is this another one that you created sir galenkp? From what I've read about social sites online communities should really help steemit grow.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Yep, this is the second. I created the Lego one too. I figure they are good spots to drop particular topic-specific blogs for me. Should be good for all I think.

Best of luck with the new community. I was once into archery, believe it or not. It’s one of those hobbies that requires a bit more money and time dedication that I had at the time.
Even if someone doesn’t own a gun, like myself, it can still be a great place for educational content regarding shooting / archery and the surrounding subjects.

I advocate gun control as follows:

  1. Always treat every gun as loaded
  2. Never point a gun at anything you don't want to shoot
  3. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire
  4. Be sure of your target, and know what is beyond it, before taking a shot

I have some ideas for firearm posts. I hope to get some range time this weekend.

Is that a SCAR in the top pic? A friend of mine has a SCAR-17, and it's a nice rifle. His muzzle device tames .308 down to feeling almost like .223, but the muzzle blast to the sides is fierce. He changed his optics, and I bought his old ACOG.

[/comment deluge]

They're good safety points and anyone handling a firearm should be doing these things as second nature.

The rifle, as mentioned at the end of the post, is a Warwick Firearms rifle, the WFA1 bolt gun in .223 but the link here shows the new WFA1-L which is a lighter version. The one in my blog has been heavily modified. I use it for practical run-and-gun events.

I'm not sure if you know but semi, or full, automatic rifles are regulated here...Only certain people can obtain permits for them. Of course semi-auto handguns are permitted and I have several. This WFA1 is about as good as it gets for us Aussies.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your firearms posts.

I live in the Land of the Allegedly Free, and anyone who knows anything about firearms should know that actual machine guns and assault rifles are subject to heavy regulation here, but the general public thinks semi-auto-only AR clones and similar modern rifles are "assault weapons" just because they are made of materials invented after 1800 and designed with ergonomics in mind.

And I'm afraid I completely overlooked the image notes at the end of your post. I suppose a modern sporting rifle could be converted to a straight-pull bolt action by deleting the gas impingement or piston mechanism. No port in the barrel and the bolt can remain the same, essentially, right?

Gun regulations got turned on their head here in Australia after a 34-person massacre in Port Arthur. It is different state by state but fairly similar across all. It's different to America though, and there's a lot of false information flying around.

I think that's the thing with it; One needs to know the laws for the area in which they live and that's about it. I have no idea what the laws are there, only that I have been told California are more strict on certain firearms than some other states.

As far as people who use the word assault when referring to particular rifles...Well, again, people should learn about what they speak of, before speaking...But they generally don't of course.

I'm not sure how easy a gas gun could be turned into a bolt gun but your logic seems sound. Going the other way, bolt to gas would not be as easy I think. That WFA1 is a decent him though, a bit of fun to use, although would be better in semi-auto.

I found you again, @galenkp !!

I have a couple of new items, plenty of article possibilities too!
Colt PYTHON 2020 in 4.25" is one 😉

Hi there, thanks for your comment.

Feel free to post gun stuff in The Pew community for sure. The only thing is, just take a look at the rules before you do. (No self-cross-posting etc.) There's nothing too left-wing, of course, but take a look at some of the current posts anyway, then post some stuff. Thanks for reaching out.