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RE: Repetetive reclusiveness

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What! Dry fire will destroy your firing pin...

Oh yeah? Click. Click. Click...

Yeah I'm a gunsmith. It's fine. Some rimfires and definitely pinfires and cap and ball revolvers as well as muzzleloader rifles you don't dry fire.

Good training!


Centrefire's are fine to dry-fire...I use snap-caps anyways. It's all good. Training like this doesn't help certain elements of what I do however a nice clean draw and fast target acquisition helps shave a little time and can bring confidence also. Getting that first aimed shot away in under 1.5 seconds helps set the tone. (Some do it far quicker than I though.)

I am a victim of the dry fire myth. Good to know. Thanks @ganjafarmer ..!!

Dry firing rimfires is not good...But a centrefire should be no problem. I mean you wouldn't do it 10,000 a day or anything of course. Just get some snapcaps in the right calibre and you're golden.

Depends on the rimfire. Most are fine and some it says clearly.

Snap caps are cool I've had them. Great for drills and malfunction clearance. Load a few in those with a full mag and run recovery drills.

But yeah I didn't dryfire a few guns because I was all about the myth. Then like having a ar15 lower dryfire unassembled? You can damage things like the lower receiver wall. Or the pin holes. Seen a friend do that and it needed kns anti walk pins to function without losing those pins.

And good work. 1.5 takes time to get to smoothly. Keep working it!

I was told the dry-fire myth many years ago and like most didn't really know either way. Since then, with my knowledge increasing, I came to understand the right of it. I don't own rimfires but certainly wouldn't go about dry-firing them much if I had. My centrefire guns though, well, it's all good. I have to say though, I still don't dry-fire them much, not the rifles anyway. (Snapcaps, yep, they are awesome.)

I suppose it all comes down to the individual. Some would say go ahead, others would say don't. We're all going to do what we believe is right.

1.5 is not so bad...For a scrubber like me. I do all sorts of drills though, including draw, rack, find target as sometimes we have to start with an unloaded gun. Sometimes also with no magazine in at all, and so I practice that, as well as magazine changes also. It get's a little boring which is why I do it in small chunks.

Love it.

Break it down.

Practice often.

Slow is smooth Smooth is fast fast is lethal.

Love it!!!!