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RE: Doing it in odd positions

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What is that written on your scope cover in one of the pics?


Well spotted.

That's DOPE, (Date of previous engagement) elevation adjustments required for different ranges. I write them there for each stage when in competition. Remembering them can get difficult. I determine what they are then write them on a little laminated card I made. I can see them at a glance and make the adjustment as required throughout the stage as I transition from the different targets.

When I'm done I wipe it clean and move onto the next stage.

It works with known distances in competition and when we have the time to do it, which is not always. I simply do the ballistic calculations and write them on the card as above. (I use a velcro dot on the back of each to stick it to the cap.)

Below is a different variation...This is a DOPE chart though with ranges from 200m t0 1200m, not just the stage. Of course the data changes with the environmental conditions (temp and humidity) so that's why I went to the small disc on the cap as I can get the ballistics calculation done right before each stage begins, only minutes.

Untitled design.png