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RE: Ruger Mark IV from the bench 25 yards

in The Pew5 months ago

Wow. With a muffler on the muzzle, that should be a wonderful target pistol with small game potential! Definitely minute-of-squirrel accuracy!



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My brother made a similar squirrel comment! It's actually a compensator on the muzzle right now. The barrel came threaded, and I liked the look of this better than the cap, and it also adds a little extra forward weight, which I like. It doesn't muffle the sound, actually makes it a little louder, but does re-direct the gases, so that it's a little less muzzle jump when shooting. Not that it's an issue for a .22 rimfire, but it does provide a tiny bit of recovery advantage. I have a real suppressor on order, but here in the U.S it's a 6-12 month process to get the proper permit and tax stamp to own one legally. Very sad.

Yeah, I was referring to the one you mentioned waiting for in the post. The muzzle device on there now might more accurately be called a loudener than a silencer, that's for sure!

Also, my opinion regarding the tax stamp bullshit for firearm-mounted hearing protection could be quite the rant all on its own.

Amen to that. Quite ridiculous. Maybe the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) will get through next year! I'll try not to get either of us started on that fiasco!

Short version: yellow journalism and political hysteria was used to push through a senseless restriction that impacted a few and made a lot feel safer.

Such is the story behind most legislation, honestly.