I'm not a gun enthusiast so i don't know what these guns are called, but i do like looking at them, since i find it cool. These guns are owned by my uncle


My father and his cousins planned to meet up here in the firing range located in Mailag Dabong Dabong at Perez Gun range. I asked my father if i can tag along to experience how to hold a gun and try to shoot, and he agreed.

With so many chicken seen in the place, i can tell that this is a farm owned by sir perez which he also made it as a shooting range.

As we got closer to the place, we could hear gun shots, it was my first time hearing it up close and honestly i was frightened but then i got used to the sound of it.


Other than me and my mother, there were other womens who tried firing, they were very calm and cool with the shooting..


When my father said it was my turn, i refused to do it, hahah i was very scared but my brother kept convincing me to try it since our mother bought us bullets to use that cost 15 pesos (0.31 USD) per bullet

There are other guns to try but i would just try the small one which they call a 45 pistol

After shooting, i feel like I'd go deaf from the sound of the gun and I think it will be my last time trying this out, hahaha but it's a good experience for a first timer like me.



Nice to see people out and about, do a lot of people there own guns?

well.. they are soldiers so i think they own lots of guns hahah

Are civilians allowed to own guns?

i think so, but there will be a lot of paper work from what i heard

Love that punisher .45! But yes, please wear some hearing protection! If nothing else, some cotton balls in the ear will help a lot! Add some and try again, it will make the experience much more enjoyable!

ohh 😮 so its called .45, now i know, the next time i will surely put on a hearing protection and prolly shoot some more 😁

You get used to the loudness, Just get some earplugs!

they did not remind me to put it on, hahah but maybe next time, if there's a next time 😂

Looks like a .45 1911 which is a very nice gun. I want one but they are like $1200-2500 USD.

ohh so its called a .45 pistol 😮 thank you for the knowledge and yes it is very expensive indeed, and a lot of paper works too, but its also good to have one for self defense just in case 😅

Yes it’s a good home defense weapon, but it would be tough to carry concealed because of its large frame. I have a sub compact so it only hold 6 bullets so it’s easy to carry. I’m glad you had a good and safe time.

whoa ! you own a gun wow, thats very cool ! i wish i can have one too but I think im still too young to own one haha but maybe someday..

I hunt and target shoot so it's a way of life near me.

Hmm, I'm with @ksteem, that Punisher .45 is glorious!

It's great that you gave it a try and had some fun doing it. You might want to get some earpro though (ear plugs) as the noise will damage your hearing!

I'm pleased you posted this in The Pew community or I would not have seen it!

I've been curious and wanted to experience firing in my life, which was granted to this day hahah i enjoyed it, but at the same time was frightened, still i will try to do it again if given another chance someday and i will take note on the ear plugs so it will not hurt my ear. thank you for the advice kind sir admin😄

i am very honored that a busy admin like you noticed my post, I just found out The Pew community thanks to @ksteem , i saw he posted a blog about his beautiful rifle gun ..

Hi Jude, it made me happy to see you posting in The Pew and of course I'm going to notice it. I hope you will post in here again., it's a pleasure to have you involved.

The ear plugs are quite an important element to shooting as the noise is so loud. I think you found that out for yourself though right? It's good that you enjoyed it and I hope they taught you the right safety processes because when the correct safety requirements are followed shooting sports can be very enjoyable and safe of course. You had a nice selection to shoot on the day and as I said in my other message, that .45 semi is a nice bit of kit. I'd be happy to have a shoot of that myself.

Thanks to @ksteem for alerting you to The Pew and yes, he has some nice weapon-systems and he's a good fellow also. I wish he was my neighbour. :)


i will surely post in The Pew community if i have more shooting events in life 😁

yes ! i will use the ear plugs the next time my family plans to go to a firing range again, since it was my first time holding a gun there are 3 teachers at my back who taught me about the safety procedure (as seen in the video) hahaha they were scared i might shot on a dangerous place,
and i hope there will come a time where we hivers get to meet and bond by going to a firing range.

Thank you very much for giving me ideas about firing sir, i dunno what is the engagement comment mean (still new to hive) but i will say thank you for it too ! ❤️❤️❤️

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