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RE: Boring and tedious

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Uhhh... Yea.

Focus on the highway in front of me. Mostly boring, but if I don't do it I die.

Yes I know. It is my job.

Do you think it is possible to ever shoot so much it becomes more like a struggle than a hobby?

My yard work. 11.75 acres of never ending Tropical Growth has become what you say. "boring and tedious but essential?"

It used to be like a hobby that we enjoyed.

I could say cat care. But I still love them so it is a labor of love to clean up after them and that never ends...


Good point in the shooting too much thing.

I used to be a sponsored long range shooter so results were required and I had to shoot a lot to achieve them. I wouldn't say I hated it, but it was a lot of pressure. I still compete but have removed the sponsor-pressure, heavily reduced it at any rate. Makes it more enjoyable. Good point you raise though.

We all do boring things, but I guess a mindset is required to add perspective.

Thanks for weighing in on the topic.

Drive safe you!


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