.338 Lapua Magnum Just Starting

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Great morning at the range. The highlight was testing new .338 Lapua Magnum load and getting it on-target at 100 yards. 5 Shot group in one large hole! Definitely one of my better days.

Now finally ready to start stretching it out. My goal is to have it shooting solid out to 600 and beyond this summer. Also had time to play with the .30 cal PCP rifle at 100 yards and test the .22 Ruger 10-22 at 100 yards. I had the PCP zero at 30 yards, the Ruger at 50 yards.

The Strelok Pro distance adjustments were spot on for both. Dialed them in and right on the mark. Very impressed. I was also able to gather the ballistic chrono data on the Labradar to take the .338 out to farther distance next time. I'm still waiting for the Kestrel to be delivered, was supposed to come yesterday but then got delayed delivery message. Very sad I wasn't able to use it today, even though the wind was light.
Not sure if you'll be able to read the graph from the LabRadar. I love this chrono, it shows the speed at muzzle and at 25 yard increments as well as the FPE at the various distances. These measurements were taken while shooting that group. Key points: 2831 fps. Standard deviation 5 fps, extreme spread 13 fps. 4450 fpe. - was still travelling 2700 fps at 100 yards.




Ho good are those Labradar's man! I actually don't have one but one of my mate's does and I use it a bit. I generally get my MV from StrelokPro when the data is true'ed up but I use the Labradar to determine MV for my handgun rounds that meet to meet minimum power-factors for competition use.

Looks like a productive day at the range, and some nice weather too.

(What's that rifle? Savage?)

I love the LabRadar. I used to hate using the regular chrony's and having to setup the screens, shoot right through the hole, blah blah. With this one, I can setup however I like on bench, prone, whatever and just target shoot without having to waste ammo on special velocity testing shots through the screens. I use it on everything from pellet rifle, handguns, large rifle, and even archery. I also like the way I can just download that spreadsheet from it right into my computer without a lot of hassle. Especially valuable if testing multiple guns with multiple strings.

It's a Savage 110 BA .338 Lapua Magnum. They only made this model for a year or two and then went to "Stealth" model which is a little lighter. I prefer this one, even though it is heavy for field use if there is a lot of walking involved. I think it's like a little over 15lbs.

Ah yes I thought it was...I've shot one a few times 300WM if my memory serves me correctly. Nice feeling rifle, accurate too...But yes, heavy.

I wold love to get my own Labradar but to be honest I don't really need to. My range has one but I use my mates, he's a gadget guy like you, and well-funded. Doesn't make sense for me to but my own.

Definitely not something I use all the time. Very nice to have use of some type of chrono to get more accurate velocity readings to use for the distance calculations. Even with factory ammo, I seldom see it match exactly what is on the box or published. Different barrel lengths, etc. all come into play as I know you are aware. Once you have the proper readings for a certain load however, it shouldn't change. For those looking, I greatly prefer this over the screen type or barrel mounted magneto's..