Kimber Gold Combat 45 conversion to 460Rowland

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After hearing of a new V2 Recoil damper kit for the Mighty .460 Rowland. Be sure to Check out the video of 3 shots with .45, then 3 shots with .460 Rowland out of the same magazine. Even though I have the kit already installed in my Glock 21, this newer recoil reduction system looked amazing.

I just had to order the new .460 Rowland 1911 conversion kit with the new v2 recoil damper for my Kimber Gold Combat Pistol. The kit came today, Oct. 8 after ordering Oct. 2 (wow!). Well of course I couldn't wait and had to install the v2 damper and custom spring kit before dinner. So here is my Kimber Gold Combat 1911 .45 conversion to .460 Rowland.





Simple, 5 min install if you are familiar with 1911 takedown, longer if not. Easy to switch back to original by just swapping barrel and spring back. Base kit (Threaded Barrel, spring and Comp) only three and a half beaners, but more with the V2 damper and extras.

I haven't been to the range yet, but did a quick function test. So far, works as advertised. Check out the video of 3 shots with .45, then 3 shots with .460 Rowland out of the same magazine.

The recoil with the v2 damper and custom spring (-2) feels pretty dramatically reduced from the recoil out of my Glock 21 conversion. I will do some side by side comparisons and targets soon.
Loving it so far, amazing mod, even if a person only wants to shoot the reduced recoil .45 out of custom "Dura-Match" grade barrel. I love the option of target shooting with the recoil reduced .45, then just load up another mag for Bears!


For all you 10mm and 44 Magnum fans, check out the ballistics table at the end. I guarantee you will love this, MUCH less recoil than an uncompensated 10mm, and of course no where near the brutal recoil of 44 Magnum revolver, even though outpowers some of the factory 44 loads (not all the Underwood, but close). Supposedly the 1911 long slide models do not need the compensator to tame the recoil or protect the frame if they have the V2 recoil damper. They recommend using the comp with the standard 5" or shorter versions.

Lots more info and videos on the 460Rowland web site.
I'll bet you can guess where I'll be this weekend!


Holy cow, 40,000 PSI. Never heard of this cartridge before but it looks neat. This link says there's an 80 grain bullet with a muzzle velocity of over 3000 ft/second... really?! Wonder what length barrel that's coming out of

Looking a little closer it says 5.5"... wow. It also says the source is from the Rowland company so I'll take that with 80 grains of salt. Can you really beat rifle-length 5.56 muzzle energy with a 1911?

Holy cow! That's the first I've heard of the 80 grain loads. This is much higher pressures than normal .45 though. Not safe to shoot in a normal .45 without the specially hardened chamber, barrel and springs/compensator. Hence the slightly longer case to prevent accidents. The other numbers seem accurate from the table that I have of standard loads. I can't imagine the 80 grain would be very accurate past 15-20 yards though. Both mine shoot the 185 grain very nicely out to 50 yards, haven't tried further yet.

It'll be interesting to see how you feel it improves the handgun. I'll expect a post of course.

So far, I was already impressed with the recoil reduction and follow up capability. Not anywhere near your non-moving 9mm race guns, but certainly half the time to get back on target as regular .45 without the comp. Yes, more to come for sure!

It much be nice to shoot now. I'm looking forward to a little more information, not because I'm getting one, just because I'm interested.

I was shooting a 38 super race gun a couple weeks ago and it's remarkable how low the recoil was...Put's my 9mm Shadow 2 to shame, but I have to say, I prefer the simplicity of a standard handgun over the complex nature of race guns.

Agree with simple is best. I almost didn't get this kit. I was originally interested because I saw the long slide model being shot without a compensator, and just the V2 recoil damper. That's what I wanted to do with this one, but after I talked with the company, they recommend staying with the comp on the standard 5 inch and below. A little disappointed in that, but not excessively, it's a little big for concealed carry anyway, so the comp not a huge detractor.

Nice, you do have your share of guns ksteem..😊

I have a few shooters, no big collector's stuff or anything. But enough of a selection for every occasion, just like choosing the right wine.

you're still my go to spot come the zombie apocalypse

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