New Blade Japanese style from Russia

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So to go along with my shooting and martial arts, I also enjoy knives. Standard utility folders for sure, but I also enjoy just good craftsmanship and looks as well.
This is one I bought just for looks. It's a Japanese mini-sword style, and I love the custom fit wooden sheath as well.
Nice damascus blade, and handle insert. Came with some kind of certificate from Russia.
It's 11 1/4 inches overall with a 6 inch blade.
I just love the design etched into the steel.
And the handle inlay is just a bonus. Putting a little finer edge on it today.

I think this will make an outstanding letter opener to keep handy on my desk!


Beautiful crafted blade...

What an elegant knife! The detail is amazing! Very classy.

Thank you, I am really enjoying it. Put a bit of a better edge on it this afternoon. Looking forward to receiving some new packages!

Ha! That's a fun reason to look forward to the mail arriving! You'll be sitting beside the mailbox waiting for the mailman to arrive!

Wow.. That is a really Beautiful blade 😍 gorgeous details.. Love it!
A letter opener with style 😁 lol

Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful evening. Cheers 🌺

Well, I'm glad to hear you're honing that edge a little more, a desk-bound letter opener can never be too sharp; Although I don't need to tell you that I'm sure. One never knows when one must deploy said letter opener on a letter that requires a keener edge.

Nice little unit here K, me likey a lot.

I've had a Japanese short sword also known as Wakizashi on my want list for quite a while. They have a longer blade, 12-24 inches (30-60cm). When I saw this, I thought it would make a nice companion one day. Plus I just liked it's looks. A well-made Wakizashi is much more expensive. Maybe next year for my Bday.