New Pistol Build Ruger Mark IV Tactical

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Build complete! (Well maybe, still debating on 10 inch volquartsen barrel or suppressor). Pistol is a Ruger Mark IV Tactical .22/45 with a lot of mods. This is called a .22/45 because it is a .22 caliber, but with a 45 style grip.



The Volquartsen internal spring/sear/etc. kit and TandemKross Flat trigger reduced trigger pull from stock 2lb. 13oz with a lot of creep to a nice 1lb. 11oz with adjustable pre and post-travel that really cleaned up nicely.

The pic below shows the original pistol before mods, stock trigger, and the heavy trigger pull.

Ahh, now that's a better trigger pull. I Like the new Hive grips. Initially l wasn't sure I would be a fan of the Halo ring, but after using it, I must say I like it. Would be really good in competition or timed events. 200 rounds so far without a singe hiccup.

Target time was fun, the red dot really helped pull in the groups for me. See first target with 10 shots at 7 yards in each corner and then 30 shots at 10 yards in the middle. Those bottom two corners I slowed down a bit and very happy with.

The second target is 30 shots at 25 yards (offhand). I am looking forward to more practice to tighten these up even more!


I love that grip!

Thanks, I wasn't sure at first, but it feels really nice in the hand. And look, I found the PEW community and made my first post of many to come!

I noticed that...I'm doing one today also I think...Not sure on what...Will have to get creative.

I'm not a huge fan of moulded grips but on a .22 I think they work really nicely. That one looks hot for sure.

I originally really wanted these really nice wood grips, but I didn't realize until after I had ordered the pistol that the wood grips were only for the regular MarkIV model, not the .22/45. Their main page says grips for both models, but when you go to order, it's for one model only. Ah, well.

I had a grip like that on my first .22 which I no longer own. Was super comfortable. They look good too.

Awesome looking gun..😉

Thanks, ordered the suppressor for it today. Now for the long licensing wait.

That is one nice build. I have fired a Mk III with a holo-sight, and it was nice, but I never liked the grip angle. These Mk IV 22/45s have my interest.

I am really enjoying it so far. I was also not a fan of the classic grip style and prefer the 45 style. The new easy one-button take down for cleaning is nice as well. I never thought I would find easier than my Glock, but this one is. Definitely a thumbs up. Now just waiting for the suppressor!