Olight mount and Bear video

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So, I got a new flashlight that mounts to my weapons (pistols and rifles). I must say I am quite pleased with it. I haven't messed with a light on a weapon for many years when I had a large 4 inch spotlight thing that clamped onto my rifle with a cord to a 4 inch battery pack.

I just purchased an Olight PL-2 Valkrie and love it. This little powerhouse puts out 1200 watts. Two settings, low and high, momentary and even a strobe light. It's a rechargeable light, with a little magnetic USB charger. The bundle I bought even came with a little cable remote switch for use on rifles. I love the way it just quickly clamps on and I can easily switch it between weapons in 2 seconds.

I originally bought it to mount on my little .22 Ruger for nighttime raccoons and other pests getting into things. However, given recent events you'll see in the video below, I will be mounting it primarily to the larger .460 Rowland.

Here's pics on three different weapons, The Glock 21 / .460 Rowland conversion, The Glock 30 compact .45 ACP, and the Ruger Mark IV .22/45.

.460 Rowland

Ruger Mark IV .22/45

Ruger Mark IV .22/45

Glock 30 compact .45 ACP

Glock 30 compact .45 ACP

Here's some Olight Pics. Scroll to bottom for video.



Charger Cable, remote switch cable similar, just longer.

Here is video of the Olight in action. The trees to the far left are 40 yards away. If you look close when sweeping left, you can see the overturned trash can about 30 yards away. The trees to the far right are about 15 yards away, the stone wall in front about 20 yards. You'll see me occasionally switching the light from low to high mode. The low mode was quite enough for good visibility, In other locations, the high mode had great visibility even out to 75 yards, maybe even farther.

After seeing the overturned trash can, I went back in and replayed the security cam footage from the front. I was surprised to see that Mr. Bear had just been not 5 feet from where I was standing to shoot the flashlight test not even 10 minutes sooner! Only 9:30 at night! Yikes, I often take the trash out at night. Looks like Rowland will be joining me to help with the trash and even when just walking around since we've also spotted him taking a swim mid-day. This is the 5th time we've seen the bear in person or on security cam in less than a month. Cool to have around, but getting far too cozy for my taste.


Powerful little light.. and so versatile to fit your guns..

Was wondering what the noise was, till I saw the pond & falls.. big attraction for animals ... Nice looking pistols all ..

Thanks, I'm very pleased with the light. And yes water is definitely an attraction for the animals, the Deer frequent it a lot. We really didn't realize the bears were around so frequently until we put up the security cams. Very interesting.

I've heard these lights are really good! Clearly, by your video of your test they are...Certainly plenty of light to expose potential threats and to shoot them by. Really cool man. I think a Olight PL-2 Valkrie will be on thewill get it list list for my CZ P-09.

There is also an even smaller mini version depending on taste and lighting needs. Since this was my first and only so far, I chose the more versatile one. I was really impressed by how there was no dark gap circle in the middle as with the older mini-mag lite versions I used to work with. Definitely an improvement and thumbs up! I'm generally not a fan of weapons mounted lights for self-defense, as they can be a target for hostiles. For defense or building entry, I prefer separate light carry. But for critters, absolutely, I don't expect them to shoot back!

Yes you're right... A weapon-mounted system might just give a hostile threat a nice little point of aim I reckon...And if those little, and not so little, critters started shooting back...Well, that would make a good B Grade movie!

When critters operate is what it will be called. Starring K-dog and G-dog!

I think they are preparing already!

Little buggers...Probably got the best equipment and training too! CIA trained them probably...Now they're the enemy. Heard that before haven't we?

Sounds very familiar.

Is that a real gun? Im sorry i am really ignorant when it comes to guns.

That flashlight is great! I'm sure its expensive!

Yes, they are all real. The flashlight was on sale! Who can resist a great bargain?

Wow, that bear just strolling through.

I recently shopped around for a weapon light. The Olight's output and price are attractive but I didn't like the idea of a rechargeable battery that will lose capacity over time. The 1500 lumens is impressive but it can only do high output for less than 2 minutes?(!) For my home-defense use I would need more than that. I ended up on the new Streamlight RM2. Not too much out there about it but it claims to do 1000 lumens for a couple hours on two CR123A batteries. I hope to make a post about it soon.

Look forward to seeing your Streamlight post. I can't imagine using this light on high inside the house. I flipped it on a few times and the reflection back from the walls was just too bright. Even in a large room, the low light is more than enough for search and eliminate missions. I could see using the high maybe to blind someone, but if there's an intruder inside the house, not going to need that, their blindness will be permanent darkness. lol

That's a good point and I'm not entirely sure I won't blind myself with the 1000 lumens :) There's no high/low mode on the RM2, just 1000lm strobing or on. I wonder if its output can be reduced by half with a CR123A-sized dummy battery? Probably a bad idea though, since it has some kind of electronic control for the strobing and toggle.