Ruger 10-22 100 yards Double-Tap and Rapid Fire Video

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So, I got the new custom Ruger 10-22 out to the 100 yard range. I did a Double-Tap and Rapid Fire video just for you @galenkp. While there, I also did a comparison shot group of 5 different loads. Keep in mind this was all hunting and cheap plinking ammo. I didn't have any decent target loads on hand to test with yet. But this will motivate me even more to get some that will group better at longer ranges. I know the rifle is capable of higher accuracy with better quality ammo.
Here is the Ranking order:

  1. CCI MiniMag Hollow Point (HP) 36 grain 1260 fps
  2. CCI MiniMag Round Nose 40 grain 1235 fps
  3. Winchester Hollow Point (HP) 1435 fps
  4. Federal Hollow Point (HP) 36 grain 1375 fps
  5. Remington Thunderbolt Round Nose 40 grain 1255 fps


Number one was CCI MiniMag Hollow Point (HP) 36 grains 1260 fps. This is generally my go-to ammo choice. It functions well in both my rifles and pistols, the HP design gives good expansion for hunting, and I find it one of the most accurate choices that is reasonably priced until you start spending double on special target ammo. This was the best group of the bunch, just over my desired sub-MOA group size I am trying for with it.

Number two tested was CCI MiniMag Round Nose 40 grain 1235 fps. This one not bad either, but still over my desired MOA, and not really recommended for hunting. Typically very reliable and ok for poking holes in stuff.

Number three was Winchester Hollow Point (HP) 1435 fps. These are hyper-velocity hollow points. Good for rifle hunting, but start losing accuracy for me even at 50 yards. A little hot for most pistols, and seem to have some reliability issues for me.

Number four tested was Federal Hollow Point 36 grain at 1375 fps. These did good at 50 yards, but really opened up at this distance. The double-tap and rapid fire targets were also shot with this round (because I had a bucket of them). Interesting the the rapid fire were about the same size group as this one timed a bit slower.

Bringing up the bottom number five slot was Remington Thunderbolt Round Nose 40 grain 1255 fps. I still have most of a brick of these I bought a decade ago with only a few small boxes shot out of it. I get an abnormally high number of mis-fires from them in multiple weapons, and as you can see the accuracy is not anything to write home about. It's not much better even at 50 yards. Was my least favorite going in and this just confirms it again.

I will be doing some additional testing with some better target rounds like CCI standard velocity, subsonic, Eley, and Aguilla, just to see what the rifle is capable of although I will probably stay with either the CCI MiniMag HP's or the newer Velocitor HP's for sight in and carry. I didn't have any Velocitors for testing, but had good results with them in my other rifle at 50 yards. They are another hypervelocity 40 grain 1434 fps that seemed more accurate than the old classic Stingers from my other testing. Of course, once the suppressor gets here, I will probably start going with the lower velocity just to keep them quiet.

Now to the fun stuff for @galenkp.
Here is the video of the first 10 shot string with the CCI MiniMags, then the double-tap and rapid fire videos. This is the biggest benefit of a semi-auto in these light calibers, being able to keep it on target and fire repeat shots immediately while staying on target. I don't practice this much and yet was still able to keep the rapid fire shots in a kill zone size area. Groups were with the Federal ammo, likely would have been better with the CCI.

Apologies for the poor video quality. First time out with the scope cam on this rifle/scope and it didn't fit quite right. I also tried to be cool and grab some 120 fps video for good slow motion, but then my computer couldn't handle the output and had to both downvert, flip video, rotate video, and for some reason the target seemed a little out of focus (was not on the other rifle). Ah well, can still enjoy the blasting.

Here are the targets from the Double Tap drill. 20 shots into a decent area.

Here is the target from the Rapid Fire 10 shots, basically as fast as I could pull the trigger and still into zone. Remember, these were using the Federal ammo that didn't have that decent of groups to begin with.

While at the range, I also got some fantastic 100 yard groups with my .30 cal PCP pellet rifle (actually met that sub-MOA goal with 10 shots under an inch! -- twice in a row!) and my .338 Lapua Magnum but will save those for another post.


Interesting to see the varying results from the cheap ammo. Now we just need a binary trigger + GSG 110 round mag dump... for science ;)

lol, Yes I looked at the Franklin triggers and other for my AR-15 as well. I've heard some mixed feedback about reliability. Now as for the large mag dump that would certainly be interesting! Hopefully the silly 15 round mag limits will go away soon here in Colorado after the California court case gets finalized. Science can be fun!

Ah yeah, Colorado. It's hard to believe a state like that would implement a ridiculous mag limitation too. Probably all those Californian immigrants! I've fired from one of those GSG 110s... feels like you have infinite ammo and it's a big surprise when the Ruger goes click instead of pew.


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This is one of the cool things about the .22LR in that one can cheaply play around with many different types of ammunition and determine the right one fort the job. I think it's always interesting to see how certain types perform over others...Amazing the difference really. Nice post mate, measured, interesting and informative as always.

Thanks, Yes I was actually surprised how much they opened up at this distance. They all held fairly well at 50 yards. I can't imagine bothering to try any except the CCI out to 200 yards. I will be ammo shopping for some CCI-SV and higher end target ammo to see if there's any that this rifle really likes.

I had another shoot of that CZ 515 on the weekend and am shooting it in a run and gun practical-shooting event at the end of October which should be fun. It's a good shooter. It will struggle at longer ranges as it has a 1MOA red dot rather than a scope with magnification, but what I lose on longer range stages I'll make up in time on the shorter. Most of the short range stages run comstock scoring. So fast times gain big points. (Comstock - The hit factor is calculated by summing the points (target scores minus penalties) and dividing by the time used)

It should be fun and all the ammunition testing has been done so I know what shoots well in it.

I debated putting a red dot on mine, but decided I wanted the extra zoom for some longer range pinpoints with it. 1MOA red dot seems really small. I've got the 3MOA dot on my pistol vortex venoms and like it. Glad I didn't go with the 6.
That run and gun should be a blast and that action should really help the speed.

1MOA is pretty small, but it works fine. I was shooting it out to 50m (54 yards) on Saturday on a 10mm steel target (0.39 inches) and hitting it although I had to turn the dot down to almost nothing, and look through it, so the dot-glare didn't obscure the target. Worked well. Any further than that that and It struggled on a target of that size. Will be a fun event though, I'll be one of the quickest there by a long way with this rifle.