Ruger Mark IV from the bench 25 yards

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One of the things I like to do with a new pistol, is test it off the bench for accuracy. This helps me determine how accurate a weapon (or ammunition) is without introducing as much of my personal error into the mix.

A few of you may remember I posted a couple months ago about a new pistol build that I did. I've only had it out a couple times since the build. Today was another day, Happy Fathers Day to me! Well today, I decided to do a bench test with this little sweetie.

This is a Ruger Mark IV Tactical, with a few upgrades. The upgrades include:
New grips
New compensator
New Volquartsen internal springs and sear (reduced to 1lb 12oz pull)
New Tandem Kross Flat trigger
Tandem Kross Halo Ring charging handle
New Vortex Venom Red Dot sight

Even though it shot well off-hand, during my first two short range outings, I was amazed at how accurate this was when shooting off of a supported position.

I first started with 10 rounds at 10 yards, pulled a couple shots on the center target, but wow was impressed.

Then I put another 10 into the bottom right target.

This went so well, I decided to move out to 15 yards and put another 10 rounds into the bottom left target.

Holy cow, I thought this was so good I needed to go further. I had to change locations, but then had 25 yards position to shoot from. Wow, again I was impressed, I've had rifles that didn't hold a 25 yard group like this.

My son Matthew says that skill is repeatable. So I decided to add another 10 rounds to that 25 yard group. That high single a called flier, all on me.

And then just for good measure, I added another 10 rounds for a total of 30 rounds at 25 yards group.

Keep in mind, I was shooting for group size not trying to adjust for hits directly on the bull. Needless to say, I'll be making a small adjustment a few clicks to the right. I am very pleased. About 500 rounds of 4 different types so far with only one fail to feed. This ended up exactly the way I had hoped, and I don't think I'll bother upgrading to the longer barrel as originally planned. Instead, I have a nice suppressor on order, just waiting for the federal tax stamp.


Wow. With a muffler on the muzzle, that should be a wonderful target pistol with small game potential! Definitely minute-of-squirrel accuracy!


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My brother made a similar squirrel comment! It's actually a compensator on the muzzle right now. The barrel came threaded, and I liked the look of this better than the cap, and it also adds a little extra forward weight, which I like. It doesn't muffle the sound, actually makes it a little louder, but does re-direct the gases, so that it's a little less muzzle jump when shooting. Not that it's an issue for a .22 rimfire, but it does provide a tiny bit of recovery advantage. I have a real suppressor on order, but here in the U.S it's a 6-12 month process to get the proper permit and tax stamp to own one legally. Very sad.

Yeah, I was referring to the one you mentioned waiting for in the post. The muzzle device on there now might more accurately be called a loudener than a silencer, that's for sure!

Also, my opinion regarding the tax stamp bullshit for firearm-mounted hearing protection could be quite the rant all on its own.

Amen to that. Quite ridiculous. Maybe the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) will get through next year! I'll try not to get either of us started on that fiasco!

Short version: yellow journalism and political hysteria was used to push through a senseless restriction that impacted a few and made a lot feel safer.

Such is the story behind most legislation, honestly.

Well, I'd be pretty happy with that if it was my shooter. (In fact I wish it was!)

The group is good,accuracy repeatable and it certainly looks like something you'd be able to rely on.

Are you going to test other ammo? Subsonic maybe? It would be interesting to see the difference.

A good post showcasing a nice little firearm...One I'd like to own. :)

I did test a few other ammo so far. CCI Velocitors just too darn hot at 1434fps. I don't think the powder even done burning when bullet leaves the muzzle. They were inch and a half to 2 inch groups at 10 yards. My 10-22 rifle seems to like the Velocitors pretty well though. Winchester high velocity not as accurate in this pistol. Had some cheap Remington thunderbolts, also not very good.

I'll probably stick with these CCI Mini-Mag hollowpoints for now in this one. I will likely try some standard velocity and subsonic once the suppressor comes. I've heard the standard CCI round nose come in quiet at just under the speed of sound through these short barrels. Will definitely be doing some posts when the suppressor is in!

Definitely a double thumbs up on this gem. The Mark IV's are also a simple pleasure to take down and clean, unlike their previous versions which were major pain. This one just push button in back, pull out bolt and clean.

You're making a good case towards me getting one you know.

I've been thinking about a .22 for a while, also a decent iron sight rifle, maybe in .243 as it will make it easy from an ammunition perspective considering my culling gun is also .243. I'm thinking for something to use in the advent of my scope going bung.

All in the same neighborhood. ... nice going...


Nice piece. You have just created gun envy among the troops here. Curious as to why you were looking at a longer barrel? I missed something somewhere along the lines here, I am sure.

So freaking accurate.



Well, bigger is always better right? lol I was originally going to customize it with an expensive 10 inch Volquartsen barrel and compensator. One, because it looked really cool, and two because it is supposed to be one of the best target barrels available for this pistol. Well after I got it put together, I decided I kind of liked it smaller and would like it even more with a suppressor that would end up crazy long on the other barrel. So, that's the story. Perhaps bigger isn't always better?

I think you are right. It is always the delivery that matters the most. Seems like you really got a handle on that one!

Good luck with it! It's a beauty!

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That’s some great accuracy on that thing! I do like the look and style of the Ruger’s. They look so old fashioned but that’s the appeal to me.

Old fashioned? This baby? Well, not in my eyes, but I'm an old guy. I'm not into the pretty colors... Hehe, my son has the 22/45 lite model with gold color barrel, I guess those look more modern.

Hot damn, that's a helluva blaster! My buddy's got one that has a little 2x long eye relief scope on it, but not the same setup you've got. It's a fun little gun, maybe we'll get it zeroed sometime and test out what it can do.

Great little shooter, and I love the Red Dot. Do it, You may be surprised at the groups it will hold. I know I was.