Ruger Mark IV Pistol at 50 yards

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Ruger Mark IV .22 Rimfire Pistol at 50 Yards. Well, some of you may remember I built a little Ruger Mark IV .22 a short time back. After having such good results with it at shorter range, I decided we needed to push the limits a bit.



So while sighting in some rifles at the range today, I decided to give this little gem a go at 50 yards.

Yes, that's 20 shots at 50 yards, shooting off my range bag for a little support. That center red cirle just a little larger than a quarter. For those of you that are not familiar, most folks shoot pistols at 7-15 yards and sometimes 25 yards. This is half a football field away, with a little rimfire .22 cartridge, typically not considered as accurate as center-fire cartridges.

I could barely make out the red center at this distance and really was just aiming at the middle of the black. At this distance some folks struggle even with rifles. I can't express how impressed I am with this little sweet shooter. Shooting CCI Mini-Mags. Now if I can just get that damn tax stamp for the suppressor!!



Man that is accurate.. I just ordered some Co2 cartridges & pellets for a couple of German air pistols I got at a yard sale last have given me the bug...😊

Ha, the bug is contagious. That's how I got hooked into it. I helped my son shop and buy the "lite" model. That got me looking and starting to shoot one of my old .22's that I hadn't shot in probably a decade. Decided it was time to upgrade and tweak a bit.


Thank you

You're very welcome.

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Thank you

That’s some crazy accuracy for that thing! I will have to keep the Ruger style in mind when I’m looking to get another one. I like how it’s a .22 as well so you don’t break the bank with firing a few boxes of ammo.

Yes, I love this newer model so much because it not only shoots well, but it is extremely simple to take down and clean. I've had some others that require watching a youtube or pulling out the manual just to get them apart and together. This one is literally a few seconds and very intuitive, no books needed! Also like all the aftermarket tweaks and ability to quickly and simply swap entire uppers should I decide I want longer barrel or sight options to quickly swap out.

Excellent job! @ksteem

You're quite the skilled marksman with those bullseye hits and props for not even one of the 20 bullets shot missing the target from half a football field away! Brushing up for a Secret Service or sniper job? 🎯💯

Thanks. I don't think I could pass the physical these days. In another lifetime before or after perhaps. I very much do enjoy the challenge of working for that super tight group, and tinkering with the little weapon and ammo tweaks to keep improving. One of the healthier outlets I still enjoy to deal with my recovery from perfectionism. lol

Good accuracy at that range mate! You've got yourself a good shooter there for sure!

Thanks, just doing my part to pass "the bug" along. You may start to feel a tingle, that tingle becomes an itch, that itch becomes.... lol

Yeah, we have to do our but huh?

I really like that shooter man, you have it zinging along and it looks tits! I want one.

Nice grouping! I'd say the limits were successfully pushed! My Ruger (SP101) is wicked jealous of your Ruger... 😂

Sending lots of good tax stamp vibes your way. 😊

Your SP101 is my favorite revolver. I don't have one, but has been on my list for awhile now. They are sweet! Thanks for the vibes!

Wow nice one