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RE: Boring and tedious

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Not sure how I missed this post. But found it now. Servicing scuba regulators ( and other gear) I would say falls into this category. It used to bore me senseless ( as does filling tanks). For the breathing regs I used to look for staff that loved tinkering with stuff and fixing stuff then send them on courses as much as possible so i could get that out of my way. picking the right person is key as it needs to be done correctly. Even if it was a different model reg if there was a course coming through i'd send them as it helps to have a rounded knowledge and see how different designs approach the same task. They love the certificates as well. Sense of achievement is also good for moral and self esteem. Little did they know I just needed the boring shit done


There's always someone that loves the boring shit, or has no choice but to accept doing it. That's me when it comes to inspecting spent cases...I haven't quite got to your level yet, out-sourcing it. Maybe someday...Want a job? Lol.

not sure that jobs going to be as stimulating as I would need it to be haha

No, I'd say not...It was worth a try...Back to the old drawing board.

haha. You secretly love it really

Shh...Don't tell anyone.

lol ok. oksecrets safe with me and the whole block chain. So should be fine ;)