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RE: Hobby friendships

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That is indeed, a very legitimate camp-fire, worthy of the Gods. No doubts there will always be certain hobbies or interests that attain a negative stigma, most of the time uncalled for. I once told someone I liked automobiles, and am a passionate car enthusiast.

Being the avid cyclist, they immediately gave me the red eye as if I'm the devil. They don't even ask, or know me well at all past that brief conversation. Nevertheless, I give no shits to people like them, and I've made tons of great mates along the way with a share love for four wheels, and an engine.

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I've seen that movie the gif is from...Can't recall the name of it though.

Road toads always have something to whinge about to motorists...They take up all the road with no regard to the rules or traffic then get surprised when they get squashed.

Yep, agreed. I have no quarrels with a lot of cyclists, and they generally keep to themselves. But sometimes, these bastards hog up the lane, either forcing you to cut into opposing traffic. You could honk and ask them to please get out of the way for a little bit, but then they'll just shout expletives at you. Cunts!

Also, that movie is called 'Army of Darkness', and boy was it a gem of laughter to watch it through. It's been a while, but this is the sort of scene I'd imagine if you were to time travel. You'd just plop down in a medieval village just as they're about to burn a witch, holding up your rifle and proclaiming, "This is my BOOMSTICK!", but in a very thick Aussie accent.