A Sandworm surprise


I always try to set my team up to be aggressive for every battle, but sometimes you have to be defensive when you want to attack. I've always thought of Death splinter as the part of town that's focused on defending because the monsters there are usually dampers.

In this battle that played into my hands, I found myself in a favourable position due to a mix of situations. The obvious biggest reason was because of my summoner.

Link to battle
Picking the right summoner is a big factor in determining the way the battle will go. In this battle, I went with Mimosa Nightshade because she's extremely awesome and offers multiple ability buffs.



Mimosa is one of my most important summoners and at Level 3, she's pretty much at the top of her game. She's a death summoner and offers magic resistance, plague, and reduction in ranged attack.

When I use this summoner and then combine her with Elven defender, I just know I'm getting myself the ultimate tank. The tank pretty much turns into Lord Arianthus without magic reflect ability.

Super tank


This tank combined with mimosa Nightshade offers me ultimate security upfront. The only thing missing from this combination is a Corrupted Pegasus to heal my tank and maybe someone else to fix my shield.

Elven defender is a tough candidate that offers proper protection in the front and enables me to worry less about the other cards.



This is yet another monster that I always like adding to my squad because why not? Scavengers are awesome because they gain +1 life every time a card dies.

Interestingly, this monster also has opportunity ability, so it is always looking out for a way to increase its health.

Magic damper


I added this monster to reduce magic but to also further emphasize the effect of my Summoner's buff. Since it reduces magic, it pretty much makes my monster close to invincible against magic attack.

Ghost in the field


I may be impervious to magic but my team lacks speed and this is where this guy comes in. My initial plan was to use the Boogeyman but that one reduces speed and I'm trying to be positive.

So I employed a spirit miner to boost my speed and also add the magic damage as well.

Sneaky Worm


This is the main man in this week's episode and it was really effective in battle. It was made extra effective due to the fact that the monster at the back wasn't fast enough to dodge its powerful attack.

I think this monster is one of the most dangerous cards in the game and I like to use it regularly in my team. It destroys everything in its path and should be a fixture in your team, whenever the battle allows.

Mr. Octopus


The last of the least and certainly not the least, we have the melee damping octopider. This ugly monster that's actually a combination of octopus and spider combines to ensure the supremability of my tank.

Whenever I combine Elven defender, a magic damper, Octopider, and use mimosa as the summoner, the plan is to ensure my tank survives the battle. In fact, in this setup, my tank is extremely important and whenever it breaks, the whole system breaks.