Defender of the Truth but the lies won this time


I have to admit, sometimes, I'm a bit overconfident when I pick my teams. I always expect I'll beat the shit out of my opponent before the teams even get on stage. It helps me cope with the pressure of those 2 minutes required to pick your team but it also makes me pick some shitty teams.

Rarity: EPIC
Element: LIFE
ABILITIES: Protect at level 3

The Battle

Link to battle

In this battle, I picked a team I was fairly confident would be enough. Yes, my defender of truth wasn't up to scratch but I still sort of felt it would be enough.

The Summoner

Granny is my top choice Life Summoner. She boosts health and at level 5, she also lets me tap into the best potential of my monsters for battle.

The Tank

This was an easy choice for me due to the ruleset. The only thing that could have made this go side ways was if my opponent employed a magic user as tank. That's not a common thing around here, so I figured keeping a melee user with shield would do well against another melee user. I was very wrong.

Sneaky Poison

My assassin had a straight forward task; drop poison on the rear guard. To be honest, my plan was to take out the rear guard, because I figured that would be where the attack would come from due to the ruleset.

Sneaky Kitty

Yet another monster that was setup to take out the rear guard. Things didn't go according to plan because of that damn Warrior of peace. It reduced the effectiveness of my melee hits and ruined my entire plan

The Block

Yet another monster that proved to be useless at the end of the day. Normally, I'll use Arianthus as my tank but since Snipe was active for all ranged and magic users, I figured I'd sneak it.

Unfortunately, my opponent employed the lord's one true weakness: Ranged monsters

The Defender

Not much to say about this little guy. I employed it because of the battle of the weak thingy. I'd normally not use this guy in battle because it needs an upgrade. Actually, an upgraded version of this monster would have offered Lord A shield and that would have worked out nicely in my favour.

Useless Thorn

Last and certainly the least, we have this enchanted defender placed at the back. Well, I figured that my opponent might also be interested in hurting my rear guard, so I set this one up to put some thorns in potential attacks

That didn't work out so well and it turned out to be a useless addition to the team.

It didn't work out

Yeah, it wasn't a good day for me. Small margins can make a difference in this game, and this showed that my team needs a few upgrades to be able to compete at the highest level.

In this battle, I lost out to an opponent that on paper, I was stronger than. My tactics also failed me. So it is back to the drawing board


You had a nice lineup there.
But yeah, sometimes the truth can’t be defended.
Keep on battling.