You got burnt by a red hot Molten Ogre


Molten Ogre is one of those super powerful monsters Melee monsters on your deck that you know you should use but never quite do. It is an impressive beast with that hits hard and with proper combination, also hits fast

In this battle, I used it as my tank. It is imposing and has that ability that weakens the attack of Melee monsters. I'd be scared shitless too, if I had to fight a beast like this.

The Battle

link to battle

The Summoner

The summoner of choice for this battle was based on the fact that it is my most advanced FIre summoner. It also boosts speed, and speed is something that came in handy in this battle. A big reason for the victory was that I hit hard and fast.

The Tank

The Molten Ogre, who turns out to be the star of the show was in impressive form in this battle. Having its speed boosted turned this usually monstrous and imposing monster into an unstoppable weapon.

It also possesses lots of healthy, thus enabling it take more hits and surviving throughout the battle.


This monster is a regular member of my squads and I like it due to its scavenging ability. There are few things sweeter than watching the health increase after monsters die in battle. It is even better when the monster that dies belongs to my opponent.

Flying Fire

This little guy packs a decent punch considering it is a rare monster. It boosts speed, very nimble and placed in between the pack to ensure it survives longer in battle.

Any magic reflector would easily take out this guy but lucky for me, there was none and also none with opportunity, although that would also be difficult if the opportunity monster in question isn't serpentine spy or screeching vulture.


Speaking of the spy, I had mine available for battle in my brutal lineup. It did it's job with aplomb. I kept it behind the imp because the imp's speed combined with flight ability, increases the chance of evading a hit from a slow opportunist.

Luckily, I didn't have that problem, nor did I have any thorns to deal with, so it worked out well.

Devilish Bowman

Bowman is yet another very useful monster that I like using in my team. It has armour piercing ability and wicked speed, all at a cost of 2 Mana.

I put it in the penultimate position in case there was a sneak monster in the backline. I figured that it would be elusive to most monsters, and that's only if they get to the Elemental at the back.

Blast Element

The fire elemental is the fastest monster on the battlefield and used its blast ability to do the required damage.

it was placed at the back to ensure sneak monsters have a hard time connecting their hit. Luckily, there was no need to worry because the sneak monster was easily brought to the front of the pack and dispatched nicely.

It worked out

Well, that felt good and I hope battles always feel this good. Unfortunately, that's never the case, so I'll just relish in this perfect victory.

There's nothing I can add to this team to make it better. The speed and precision of my attacks made my team unstoppable. By the end of the first round, the battle was already over.

Get In The Game

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Nooo… I’m gonna run away from the red hot Molten Ogre before it burns me.
Well done on the battlefield.
Keep on battling.