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What's up everyone?

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Today, I'm going to discuss about one of my battles in SPLINTERLANDS.

This post is to join the weekly curation post of share your battle arranged by @splinterlands team. This week's challenge is anyone who want to participate must submit one of their ranked battle where he/she must use a monster named "PIRATE ARCHER". And in this post I'm going to share the same thing. But, before I begin to explain my battle strategy, let's just know about the monster.

Link to The Contest:

Pirate Archer:

Pirate Archer.png
Screenshot (66).png
The Pirate Archer is a rare water monster with the ability of range attacking ability. This card is perfect for any match with low mana also for little league matches. For a card like this, which costs only 2 mana is really amazing to have both range and blast ability. This is one of the reasons I love this card. The blast ability is really amazing and helpful in matches.**



My Battle & Battle Link:

Screenshot (69).png

Splinterlands has also asked some questions. I'm giving my answers bellow.

My Lineup:

At first I used SEA MONSTER because of it's high life level, HEALING ABILITY also it has a huge amount of melee damage ability. Then I used ENCHANTED PIXXIE in 2nd position. Because of it's flying ability it might have stay longer if the SEA MONSTER died. I used most of the magic card because of the ability of the summoner. Then I used MEDUSA and SEA GIENE in 3rd and 4th place. As the are magic cards, they can attack from any position. Then I used PIRATE ARCHER in 5th place. It's good to use rage cards in long distance. I used CREEPING OZE in the end because of it's SLOW ability also to protect the PIRATE ARCHER from sneak attacks.

Screenshot (70).png

Did My Strategy Worked:

Yes, my strategy worked. Next time I'd like to use a card with reach ability.
Screenshot 71.png

Did I used This Card Often? Why or Why Not?

Yes, I do. I use it because of it's blast ability and it costs a little mana.
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