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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

Hope that you all are well by the grace of ALLAH.

Just a few days ago I just installed a amazing game from play store. The name of the game is STICKMAN LEGEND-SHADOW WAR. It's actually a fighting game. Though it costed me BTD 80 TK to grant the permission to install the game. But, the fun I'm having in playing this game is really worth it. This is the first time I ever installed a premium game and it came out to be really enjoyable. I'd like to suggest you this game if you are a combat game lover. The more I play and unlock new levels, more this game becomes interesting.

I uploaded the video in my YOUTUBE channel & here's the link:

Video Link:

See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy and stay healthy. And if you want get more gameplay videos, follow my profile and subscribe my youtube channel. You can also suggest me some games that will be fun to play.

At last I'd like to thank you for reading my post costing your time.


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