Playing World War Heros: WWII. Team Deathmatch Mode.

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Hello Everyone.

How are you all?

I hope that you all are doing well by the grace of ALLAH.
Today I'm back again with my another gameplay video. But, this one is not like the other ones. In this video I'm playing a game named World War Heros: WWII. I'm playing this game for the first time. I've installed it before, but because of the low graphics I uninstalled it. The quality of graphics is not low actually, but compared to the other games that I play. It's graphics of this game is not perfect. But, recently I was searching for new type of games to play, then I came up on the top of the list on Google Play Store. I installed it and played the tutorial matches. You know what. From then, I love this game. The fact is, it's so realistic. They've made this game look like the real World War-2 battle field. Guns and other weapons that were used in the battle are totally same. Damage, recoil, vest, helmet, model of granades and tanks. All are same. The developers did a great job in the information part of the friendly side and the enemy side. Their uniform, vest type/color. That time the type of weapon on both sides were different. They made them just as they were in WW2. This is what makes playing this game more challenging. Normally, in games guns have extreme damage ability and most of the guns are from present time or the copy of prototypes that will be useable in future. A player can also get super strong vest and helmet to protect them. But in this game, you'll have to play with guns that are made about 100 years ago. You won't even have a vest or helmet. Even if you get one, that will not be that much of strong. That is why the game is more challenging and more fun to play. I'm sharing a Team Deathmatch battle video of this game which I uploaded on my YouTube channel.
I'm giving the link bellow:-


I hope that you enjoyed my gameplay. You can find this game on play store. See you again in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay healthy.

Thanks for reading my post.