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When we are new to something whether it’s a game or work we often get confused. And if you are new to MOBA games then it is no different and what better way to quickly adapt it is to know the general terms which in turn is the best tips for beginners like you.
In this article let me guide you on your first journey as a Mobile Legends player. I would also like to acknowledge Gaming Theos as this was inspired by his youtube tips for beginners in MLBB or Mobile Legends Bang Bang.


In Mobile Legends there are three lanes the TOP,MIDDLE AND BOTTOM the opponent lanes are mirrored to your team and what it means is that your bottom lane is equivalent to your opponent’s top lane and your top lane is ofcourse then would be the enemy’s bottom lane.

It is essential to know the respective laning of heroes if you want to win the game and take advantage of countering your opponent’s lineup.


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Different hero roles played a significant effect on the outcome of every matchup. So knowing the roles is a must here on Mobile Legends specially on adjusting depending on your team’s lineup. You need to pick roles which your team is lacking but in higher rank matchups where there is banning of heroes, counter picking is what usually happens.

There are 6 types or hero roles in MLBB (tank, fighter, assassin, support, mage and marksman) tho there are some hybrid heroes which can be both assassin and mage at the same time. I would to go more in details on a separate article because hero roles picking and counter picking should be explain elaborately for advance players or to those who had previously played mobile legends.


Turrets towers basically that are supposed to be destroyed and protect either way what I mean is destroying opponent’s turrets is one of the key to real victory. Pushing the lanes by destroying the turrets could be advantageous to your team as it can break your opposing team’s composure and it is also one of the main objectives of the game.


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The area or the land between the three lanes is called the jungle. Jungle is where you usually kill monsters (called jungle monsters) for earning additional golds, exps or buffs. You may notice that other teams or players will try to steal your jungle monsters to take advantage of the matchup as the higher gold earning team will usually has an upper hand in the match. Teaming up to kill some jungle monsters is a must in this game specially solo farming is prone to ganking.


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Let me give you some run down on this one as usually players who just started the game doesn’t have this immediately. You would need some battle points or called BP, dusts and emblem parts in the game to upgrade it. Emblems and talents are designed to give some attributes boosts which is an advantage of old players to the ones who just started playing. The MLBB have created 9 different emblem sets for different roles, I would also like to tackle this topic on a separate discussion as it also needed some more elaborate explanation.

There are a lot more you need to learn in this game but here are some of the basic foundation if you are just beginning from scratch and have very little background information about the game. I would like to go in further details about the game on my next article so stay tune and God bless everyone.

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