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There are certain ways to take advantage in Mobile Legends and most average players doesn't practice this simple tricks to ousts their opponents in every matches. That is why there's a lot of ML players having trouble ranking up because they don't understand what good players are doing.

So In this article let me teach you guys what good players/pros are doing and you are not.


If you are just a new player specially during this lock down period then it is best to take notice of the mini-map where during a match is located at the top-left corner of your screen. This map shows all of the 10 players whenever they are visible specially if they are in an open area.

So keeping an eye on the mini-map could notify us early if there are enemies trying to gank us. In a sense this is why pro players are ranking up easier is because they are trained to always have an eye on the mini map which is really important. Using it from today onwards could be very beneficial to you guys as you could predict enemies movement and avoid ganks just like what I said earlier.


Getting advantage of the last hits in the jungle specifically jungle monsters could give you extra golds and experience and sometimes buffs that is very crucial in the game. But most newbie players doesn't take last hits seriously and not just new but old players as well who most of the time staying comfy in the open lanes killing creeps or minions.

If you notice whether you are watching or playing against higher rank players most of the time they will try to steal your jungle monsters to take advantage of the game as it will give them more exp, golds and buffs that in turn could give them an upperhand in the game.

Taking the last hit on the crabs on both top and bottom lanes is what you usually witness in higher rank matchups, you will notice that offlaner tends and usually try to push and clear the minions faster so they can take advantage of getting the crab but if you have a retribution spell you have the best chance to take the last hit.


Video Source : GAMING THEOS

As we all know Mobile Legends Bang Bang keeps getting buff and nerf of heroes and items and even skills every now and then, so it is really important to keep an update on the new meta and take time to study it. Don't worry its just plain and simple explanations and most probably its easy to learn.

Many players in lower ranks keeps playing old meta where marks man is always in the midlane without support like duh bro that is probably 2 or 3 years ago meta. But for pro players they only play according to updated meta so they have better chances at winning games and ranking up easier than most.

The best way to know the meta is to read the patch notes after every update or you can watch gameplays of different types of pro players. It is better to adjust roles and heroes which if you can practice it in a team together according to the meta which is essential to become a pro player in MLBB.

I want to keep going but let's wrap it up for today and see you on my next article, I am looking forward to your comments down here below so we can debate (healthy) and recommend your thoughts about the game.

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