My Dice Cards in Action: Lorna Shine!

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Hi everyone, today another battle from the series about my Dice cards, with this summoner warrior I hadn't mentioned yet, but who is just as wonderful as the others!


With Untamed cards sold out on the game's official website, buying Dice packs should speed up a bit as they are the only option at the moment.

These cards are part of the mini-set that was released to replace the old Essence Orbs and as known as ΛZMΛRÉ Dice that includes 6 new summoners, one for each splinter.


Lorna provides Divine Shield ability to all monsters on her team, at first, it might seem like a rather modest skill, but as we'll see this detail can mean the difference between victory and defeat on many occasions.

Divine Shield:

The first time the Monster takes damage it is ignored.



In this battle we can see how the times won with the Divine Shield were decisive for the victory.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Although my Lord Arianthus in the first position is a strong choice against magic, my opponent's Kelp Initiate card that has Triage gave Ruler of the Seas a bigger survival, making it all look lost for me.


However the Divine Shield saved the day, notice how in the decisive round Ruler has more speed than Silvershield Baard and attacks first, but she is miraculously saved by the divine ability of her summoning master.

Very cool, is not it? I love battles like this where victory is decided by just a hair's breadth.

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Lorna is great for low mana battles.

Yeah! @dudeontheweb, you're right, i forgot to mention this!

I appreciate your support Mary :) Glad I could upvote you back on this one. Cool opening graphic!


@tipu curate


Lorna is fantastic for Bronze matches.

Lorna's ability is pretty useful