Hive on the Mazer Gaming Jersey

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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Was brainstorming some ideas on how we can be involved with Hive Community and bring our esports fanbase on the platform. I was thinking perhaps we could figure out a way to get Hive Blockchain on the official Mazer Gaming jersey and be listed as a "sponsor" on our platforms and stuff. Our jersey is worn at events and on streams by most of our players and creators and shown to their huge fanbases on Twitch and other platforms. I think it would be great exposure for everything and could bring more esports players, teams, and creators to the platform by giving Hive that kind of exposure. I will post some pictures of our events in the past below that we hope to see resume next year. Let's start brainstorming some ideas on how we can make something like this work! For everyone new you can find us at or






I think that a sponsorship of Hive in your jersey is a tremendous idea!. Nice that you guys are thinking about involving more on Hive, also would be nice if you can check out splinterlands as is a successful game in the plattform.

What games do your teams play?

Gears of War, Call of Duty, Pokémon Go, Due Process, Rainbow Six Siege, and CSGO.

How about some Hunt Showdown :)

The Cycle? I been really getting into that game lately. Seems you guys play mostly shooters.

Great idea . Advertising in the real world rather than just on the internet will be a big step forward . Good luck .

Also I tried to reach you on Discord but it didn't work . This is my username on Discord , please get back once you are free - AMR#2274

I just added you

It seems you guys are big into Blockchain. Have you looked at streaming on at all? I am hardcore into it as a twitch alternative and would be happy to help you get some stream keys.

We have tried to reach out to Theta about working with them but sadly no response. Would definitely be interested though!

I just sent you an email from your website contact form. Let's make this happen!


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