What is your favorite game of all time?

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We created this post to see what the Hive community loves. We think this is a great way for us to interact with you guys and see what kind of video games we all love! Leave a comment below on here and on our twitter with your favorite video game of all time and a great memory you have associated with it. We made a tweet if you want to go and reply on our Twitter with your answer!




Age of Mythology isn't just my favourite game; it's also the best game.
Thanks for coming out, guys. We've found our winner.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest and Pokemon from Gen 1 - 3.
They will always be amazing and my top games, also big from my childhood etc.

I'd have to say Age of Empires 2. One of the earliest games I remember playing (bar Pokemon), I still get enjoyment out of playing it at a LAN party or now over the internet with the Steam version.

this photo lacks a keyboard and a mouse :D

i never really got into the online gaming, first because we had no conditions for it, and after that because i know myself and i know i would have no life :D

One of the favorites is the Fallout series, i played all of them except first one and last one (the online one).

Mass Effect, so excited for the new remastered classics and illusive new working title.

The quarians never showed up to Andromeda! Wtf?

  • not a good memory but I expect them to be in the plot of the new title.

Mail Order Monsters on the C64
it was the original build / battle your monsters game

A tough call, Way back I enjoyed Wing Commander, but it stopped working however Civilization V still works and gets a lot of play time along with Civilization Beyond Earth.

Impossible to pick a favorite because I like so many genres and they all fill a different need but one of my favorite gaming memories was during Smash Bros Melee. Had a lot of impromptu tournaments with that game and made friends that way with people who I wouldn't have known others. Marth was my main pick in that game.

Breath of Fire 2.

I love cute RPG’s s and going into the little towns collecting ingredients and making stews. 😄

Well , I was 17 when I first got my Desktop and the first ever game I and my brother played was GTA SA , I have played many games over the years but the joy that game gave me was something unmatchable.

Really not an easy question considering the number of years spent playing (on Atari 2600, Atari 520 ST, I386 SX 25... Super Nes, PS1, Game Gear, PSP...).

Maybe a point & click game from Lucas Art as the Indiana Jones or the Monkey Island series (I played all Lucas Art games when I was young and they all made me live amazing adventures)

But after some consideration I would say Final Fantasy VII on the sony Playstation 1 as much for the graphics (it was insane for the time), the story, the universe and the emotions it brings. The game that took me farthest from reality (I was a real No Life for 350 hours).

My answer may be biased by the fact that I played the remake version this year when it came out, which happily brings me back to those past emotions, but it's okay, I'll keep it 😉

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I'm not even sure I can narrow it down to one favorite per genre.


Lords of the Realm II was a turn-based medieval kingdom simulator with real-time battles and sieges. I never played it online, and the AI was sufficiently predictable to be defeated with some practice, but it was a solid game.

First-Person Shooter

Descent might be more described as a flight sim, but it's more of an FPS with flight mechanics, if that makes sense. Anyway. A DOS classic that eventually even saw a PS1 port.


Most people seem to love Mario Kart, and that series is good, but my vote will always be for Crash Team Racing as my favorite kart game.


Portal. Yes, Portal 2 was better by every measure, but the original laid the groundwork.


So many classics, but Ratchet & Clank is probably my favorote of the 3D games, with honorable mention to Jak and Daxter, while Duke Nukem 2 might be my 2D choice.


This is even harder to just consider candidates. So many good Final Fantasy games. Especially FFVI. the Fallout games are great. The Elder Scrolls games are great. The Witcher. Dragon Age. I can't choose!

Everquest. Have some amazing memories in that game.

Little bit old school GT5 on the PS3

I like cricket on Phoenix Darts. 501 is okay, too.

Mario Kart 64, despite the fact that it has been almost 24 years, I am quite inclined to this video game, in fact it would be great someday to see something similar to what I am doing in my profile, and this is to establish personal records only on the track of the circuit, that is, without using bugs or shortcuts, only in this way is demonstrated the real blood of the driver of the most popular GoKart video game of all time.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. It has a fun story and great music, though i think i mostly like it because its the first video game that i actually finished. Still it is a lot of fun and will probably always be my favorite.

Apologies for a late reply, this took some time, and i've likely left a few out

What a question, hmm depends on platform, Annabelle and myself growing up had lots of handheld games too BMX Flyer, Nintendo Game and Watch

What's yours @acidyo, as we see you like to game

Atari 2600 Pitfall
Atari ST Xenon 2 MegaBlast and Carrier Command many more too inc Black lamp
Atari Lynx Slimeworld with mp and Toki
SNES Supermario whether it's kart or world, both amazing
Mega CD Ground Zero Texas an Sonic
Xbox Black
Xbox 360 Halo 3 and Tropico
Xbox One GTAV Campaign and Modern Warfare
Xbox Series X Cyberpunk 2077, blown away by this - just hope it's not too complex for the majority that it bombs

Too many games have been simplified Elder Scrolls, DA etc