What kind of gaming things would the Hive community want to see us giveaway?

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We are looking to do a giveaway due to all of the great support you guys have given us so far, but would love to know what you guys would be interested in getting! Could do some merchandise or signed Mazer Gaming merchandise, any video games, accessories, stuff like that! Or we could all pitch in and do a big raffle. We are happy to give back as much as we can. Would love to hear some ideas! Comment below with your thoughts.



This is my suggestion. We need usecases for SPORTS so instead of doing a giveaway , if you could ask people to bid , receive and burn the highest bid SPORTS token and give that user whatever pleases you it would be great for both the winner as well as SPORTS.

Could you dm me on twitter and explain this more to me? @MazerHQ

Are you on discord?

Mazer Abra#3926

Pokemon plushes or card packs are always good Giveaways. Or if yall are doing token drops im sure many in the community would be up for that. 😆

Anything to do with nft's or blockchain gaming is sure to go over well wiht this community

Perhaps a raffle with an NFT from any of the major Hive games. Rising star, Splinterlands, dCity, and don't forget eXode.

I am happy that you guys are liking your stay in Hive.
I will like digital goods (Mercs are ok, but shipping and customs might be hurdle.)

i would suggest something under the following 3 categories

  1. gaming accessories such as gaming mouse, headsets etc etc
  2. NFT cards

I bet the community will love it and mark my words! when you decide to do the giveaway your comment section/follower will skyrocket!

Thanks for sharing

Something related to splinterlands I would say. If not a giveaway in Rabona, exode dcity, holybread, cryptobrewmasters, etc