#9 free Rising Start giveaway! (m4l - daily) / regalo gratis de rising start! (m4l - diario)

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Voy a etiquetar a todos los participantes para que sean notificados para los próximos sorteos, si no quieres que te etiqueten solo notifícalo en los comentarios

I am going to tag all the participants so that they are notified for the next draws, if you do not want to be tagged just notify in the comments

@yeckingo1 @ynwa.andree @minus-pi @mimismartypants @yankosoito
@fragozar01 @kevinnag58


Genial, felicitaciones a @mimismartypants que lo disfrute. Me anoto para el sorteo. Saludos

Again me!!! whoop whoop! some lucky vibes coming my way!!! Thanks so Much!

Thanks dude!

Please enter me again.


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Enhorabuena al ganador, me gustaria participar en el proximo sorteo, gracias.

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Felicidades al ganador.
Me uno de nuevo.

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felicitacion bro, ya te mande los token por hive-engine.

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@yeckingo1! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @pablodare.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

Please enter me into the next draw.

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please add me also to the next draw :)

Congratulations! I am in!

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