Marvel's Avengers Gameplay (PC HD)

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Marvel's Avengers is a title loaded with a multitude of options that will give players many hours of entertainment and fun. A work in which we will find a large number of elements and options to stay glued to the screen for many hours thanks to an excellent campaign mode sweetened with a well-adapted and equitable multiplayer mode. The Avengers are back and the first thing we will find as soon as the title starts will be the campaign mode, a mode that we can play both alone and in online cooperative mode with friends or other players who join the missions.

We will also have at our disposal the Avengers Initiative with which we can access the multiplayer mode to carry out missions in cooperative mode, although it is only recommended to play this mode once the Campaign Mode has been passed to avoid spoiling. Therefore, we put the online mode aside to focus fully on the story of the game. Without going into spoilers, we can already tell you that the story hooks, and much, the development of the plot has made us feel as if we were living a new movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) although saving the distances.

And, the first thing we will notice is that our heroes will not have the appearance of the movies but a somewhat different definition that at first squeaks us, but will end up being accepted. On the other hand, we would also have loved a dubbing by the game's original actors, but the development of the voice actors in the game is simply superb. Once these small details have been pointed out, we focus on the story in which we will find Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) as the main protagonist, of which we will gradually discover her history in the Marvel universe.


It all begins with the celebration of A-Day where a group of villains threaten the city of San Francisco, something that is not a problem because this is where our heroes come into play. A presentation mission in which we will control all the protagonists in action sequences where we will finally notice how it feels to handle the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Iron-Man and Captain America before starting the main plot. A story that will begin after the dissolution of The Avengers after an accident on the A-Day leaving a desolate world in which, after five years, Kamala Khan decides to reunite them.

The A-Day incident ended with the creation of the Inhumans (supernatural powers that some people obtained after the incident) and now the AIM organization with George Tarleton at the head after becoming MODOK and Monica Rappaccini, has taken over the United States with an army of advanced robots as the only security force involved in cornering all the Inhumans created in that event. This is where Kamala Khan (also inhuman) decides to fight injustices by reaching the resistance and reuniting the Avengers again.


The fabric of the story revolves around Kamala Khan and as she becomes Ms. Marvel, the rubber or polymorphous girl has enchanted us in her development and little by little she becomes a quite beloved character. The dialogues are deep and we will find a fairly balanced and entertaining character development. The action in which little by little the plot engages and we will have to go through the different locations on the planet to fulfill a series of objectives with many winks and Easter eggs that we will find along the way.


And it is that, once we manage to reestablish the Chimera, it will be our base of operations where the possibilities of Marvel's Avengers will expand. This is where we can advance in the missions of the campaign to unlock The Avengers, do secondary missions to get objects and evolve our heroes and training missions to learn how to handle each of them. Each of the heroes will have their own abilities as Iron-Man and Thor will be able to fly (with a slightly strange handling) while the Hulk will be able to destroy everything in his path, although he will be a slower character. For their part, Black Widow and Kamala will be the most agile and Captain America the most balanced.


The handling of each of the characters is quite simple and it will feel like a beat'em up in which we will have to advance with the blow of blows against all the enemies that we find in our path. Likewise, we will have three special abilities for each character that will be filled in as we defeat enemies. A few skills that we will have at our fingertips without more than pressing L1, R1 or a combination of both to perform a powerful attack. All this, along with the combos, will be explained to us as we unlock the heroes and carry out the training missions present in the HARM room of the Chimera.


Although the development of the campaign is very careful, the multiplayer performance can be somewhat repetitive as well as fun. This setback will be palpable as we progress through the story because once the campaign is over (about 10-12h) we will be able to revisit different locations with up to four players who can meet together to carry out various missions. This is where everything becomes more fun because we can join other players with the option of quick game or matchmaking or play with four friends online each with their hero.


Although a local cooperative mode is missing that inexplicably appears in the game. These online missions, regardless of how fun it is to play with friends, have their disadvantage and that is that they become quite repetitive, in a similar way to what already happened with the ill-fated Anthem, since they will limit themselves to rescuing a character, conquering locations and defeat the odd final boss. Something that happens in a similar way in campaign mode, although it has exploration options and action cinematics with a clearly higher level of detail.

On the other hand, we have also noticed how the game can become a bit of a slave because every day we will find various cosmetics and missions that can only be carried out once a day, so we must go assiduously entering the game to get absolutely everything, although There will also be weekly challenges and community challenges. The limited variety of missions in the cooperative can take its toll, although little by little characters will be added that will give a fresh air to the game such as Spider-Man (Only in the edition of PS4 and PS5), Hawkeye or Kate Bishop, everything without additional cost something that is appreciated.


Marvel's Avengers is undoubtedly the best Avengers game we can find today, a title that does not detract in general lines and offers us a campaign mode completely written and directed by Crystal Dinamics that entertains and likes the more you play it, although it can made plain short. The title in its compendium is correct, although it can be improved especially in the post-game where with the passage of the secondary missions the game can become quite repetitive and the only incentive will be to get all the cosmetics.

In general, Marvel's Avengers is a more than correct game that entertains and will give us many hours of entertainment with friends. The campaign mode is the best it has, although you must improve the multiplayer incentives if you do not want to be forgotten.