Resists against the attack of the machines.

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Terminator Resistance is a first-person shooter with an original plot that is based on the first two films in the franchise. Developed by Teyon, in this game we have to protect a diverse group of characters, counting for this with a large arsenal of weapons to follow, a level-up system that allows us to develop our character according to our style of play and a plot that varies slightly according to our decisions. In addition, how could it be less, you will find some of the most iconic enemies of the films, as well as new ones that have been created for the occasion.

His story takes us to a post-apocalyptic city of Los Angeles, almost 30 years after Judgment Day, taking place in the War of the Future that was glimpsed in the movies. Here we put ourselves in the role of Jacob Rivers, a soldier in the Pacific Resistance Division under John Connor. Despite being a mere private, he will soon discover that he is the target of the latest threat from SKYNET and has been targeted for extermination. Now it is our turn to guide him to the final battle, crushing the SKYNET defense network and deciding the fate of humanity in the war against machines.

We liked this plot a lot, although in order to understand it well and know who each character is, it is necessary to have seen the movies, since in this adventure we do not delve into their universe. It is pleasantly surprising how well cared for each character is, showing great charisma, well-differentiated personalities and unique stories that are worth discovering. In addition, our decisions change the course of history a bit, leading to different endings.

The controls work quite well, although they feel a bit clunky in the action parts. We can move freely through the scenarios, jump, crouch, sprint, interact in certain places, use melee weapons, ranged, covers or some objects from our inventory. In this sense it is very similar to what is seen in other games of the genre, so do not expect anything too original. We have a minimap in the upper right corner that allows us to orient ourselves, a pointer that points to the next objective and the possibility of using ultra-vision glasses with which to see through solid objects to locate enemies and obtain some information about the same, although logically the range of vision is somewhat limited.


What has surprised me the most is that the adventure focuses a lot on stealth despite taking place in a war against the Skynet machines. This is logical, since the number of enemies is greater than that of humans and the power of some is much greater than ours when the journey begins. For this reason, we have a detection indicator that shows us the detection levels both visually and audibly, being able to even close doors to avoid being detected or, when the time comes, hack into some electronic devices so that they can give us a hand. Do not expect anything too complex, opting in the end almost always for the most direct action, but at least it knows how to entertain.


The action parts are less polished and is that, without malfunctioning, there is no weight on the weapons that differentiates them from each other and, together with a very basic coverage system, they make them become somewhat in the long run. monotonous. At least the selection wheel allows us to change weapons agilely. But not everything is bad, there is also room for cinematic moments that make it very attractive, especially when we start to get better equipment.


Enemies help this. At first you can only face small robotic creatures that, although they are not very powerful, can surprise you by appearing from unexpected places and warning their companions. And it is with the larger ones that you have to be careful, especially with the T-800, since they can kill us without much effort if we are not well equipped. The fights against them, which are the ones we looked forward to the most, know how to keep us in tension thanks to their great setting. Unfortunately, everything is ruined by a gunplay that, as I have commented, is quite bland, crude and with an enemy AI that does not work quite well.


When we defeat them, we obtain resources to trade, ammunition and materials to use in the hideout to create tools on the crafting table, being able to create better ones when reaching the appropriate level. We also gain experience with which we obtain skill points that we can invest in a complete tree that is divided into three groups: combat, science and survival. Comment that some of these skills are not available at the beginning, having to reach the necessary level to unlock them and then activate them. When the time comes, you can even customize the weapons using the chips you find.


From the graphic section I can say that, to have a fairly concise budget, it is not bad at all, with a well recreated post-apocalyptic city but that has some improvable details and repeats some elements, while the characters are well modeled and animated without further ado , with very improvable expressions. At least effects like lighting make everything look a little better, especially when we see the Terminators approaching.

In the sound we have some themes from the first two films that take us directly to their world and others created for the occasion that, although they do not reach their level, set our travels well. The effects simply comply and the dubbing, in English, leaves a lot to be desired, although at least it is always accompanied by texts in perfect Spanish to be able to follow the story without problems.


Teminator: Resistance is a title designed for fans of the franchise, finding an original story that is not bad at all, charismatic characters and all the tension that comes with facing the T-800. There are elements of action, stealth and certain RPG tints, although it does not quite stand out in any of them. At least the development is entertaining by introducing new mechanics as we progress through the adventure. In the audiovisual, the themes of the films stand out and, although it complies graphically, it does not live up to what I expected from it.

Fans of the saga will appreciate some of its virtues, such as certain nods to the movies, but we believe that much more can be made of a license as juicy as Terminator.


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Graphics dont look too bad!

Reminds me of the terminator arcade game as a kid. Back when arcades were a thing. You had a hand held gun and you had to hose endless waves of terminators. Now i feel all nostalgic.

I too remember that

Memories! My buddy was always better at it than me