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Rustler is a small project of the also small developer Jutsu Games, the 911 Operator, which is currently seeking to finance itself through Kickstarter and where you can show your support still and until February 29.

Although if we visit the company's page we see that its motto is innovative gameplays, the truth is that here we are facing a game that is inspired, and does not hide it, in the Grand Theft Auto of yesteryear, those that were played in a overhead perspective; in fact, this Rustler is also known as the Grand Theft Horse.

Therefore, you can imagine where the shots will go, or the blows, because we are facing a title set in the Middle Ages, with its farms, castles, traffic signs for carts, troubadour rappers with bad songs ... Yes, everything has a hooligan touch here, starting with its protagonist, whose official art reminds us of Jimmy Hopkins, the kid from Bully, another Rockstar work, who will be nothing but a poor drunk that everyone with a little more power and influence will want take advantage at first. Our discomfort, of course, we will pay with other villagers who we will not hesitate to deprive of their belongings, such as their horse, money or the weapons they carry.


Because if Rustler looks like a medieval first-time GTA, it also plays as such, something we were no longer used to in 2020. It's not that its control is bad, not entirely at least, but it is true that it will take some getting used to to the. With the left stick we will move our character and with the right we will do the same with a sight that will be where we direct our attacks and even our steed. It is easier with a keyboard and mouse, at least this part, and is that for now, and always without forgetting that we are facing an alpha version, Rustler is designed only to be played on a computer. The good thing is that it does not demand much and is still pleasing to the eye, of course it has many elements to polish, such as the modeling of the characters, especially its repetitive guards, the effect of water and the collision engine. It is very frustrating to go in the middle of a flight through a forest and have your horse pull you every two by three of its back, making us inevitably have to repeat the mission from the beginning and beyond, because we will return to our house, which it will also save point. For now and until the map opens (there are at least 2 regions, 3 if one of the goals is reached), it is the only place to save the game.


In the missions and submissions there will also be a lot of the old GTAs, including the III. First we will do simple missions and we will only have one mark on the map, and later we will be able to choose whether to help one or another NPC, always having as a background a history of chivalry where the typical rudeness of the time will be mixed with nobility and blood blue, although this thread will hardly be outlined in the demo. The commissions, of course, will be very varied, such as stealing a horse, killing a nobleman or finding the Holy Grail, being loaded many times with references to different works of literature and cinema, as when we met the Knight. Black from The Knights of the Square Table of the Monty Python.

Secondary schools are few for now, but could be more if one of the funding goals is achieved. One of them will be as simple as plowing a field, but there will be another that will remind us of when we were a taxi driver in Liberty City, only here we will load the dead in a carriage and take them to the gravedigger, from whom we do not want to know what he does with the corpses, or when we got a little extra money by taking over other people's cars that here will be naps that before being able to sell will have to go through the "workshop" of Pimp a Horse. Both in the main ones and in these we can hire a troubadour who will act as a radio station, to change the station it will be enough to hit him with a branch or punch him.


For the rest, Rustler still has a lot to prove and a lot to improve. The map seems wide but it is not so wide, although we know that there is a lot of region to unlock. Visually it does not stand out but already in the phase it is in it does not disappoint either, although we have to work on a camera that does not follow us as well as it should, having even caused us a slight feeling of dizziness.



What I think of the game after playing

In short, it seems that we are facing a title with potential that its vulgar humor feels like a glove, but that has to be polished and a lot if it wants to compete in the current market.

If you think it deserves a chance, as I do, listen to the bard and toss a coin to your rustler on Kickstarter. Seriously, they sing it.

If you want to play it, you have it here


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