Subscriber and Like Campaign on my youtube channel

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Hello gentlemen, how are you?. I hope good, well I'll tell you what I want to do on my YouTube channel.

As some of you already know, my profession is to test games before they go on the market to see all the bugs they have and thus correct it, because of this I have a contract in which I can neither write nor talk about the pole that is no longer on the market. that if I did they would fire me right away.

A few months ago I created a YouTube channel but I never paid attention to him and talking to a co-worker he told me that he had it, he told me how much he was earning for his channel and the truth is that I was very surprised.

Now I am seeing that if nobody knows you it is difficult for the channel to go up and then I thought, that since this is a platform that many people see, I am going to take advantage of it

What I propose is the following

  • For subscribing to my channel and liking a video of mine, I will give 1 hive (but it must be accompanied by a capture of having made it in a comment).

  • For leaving a comment and a like in one of my videos I will give 0.50 hive (if you previously left a like in that video then I only send 0.25 hive)

Every day that I can upload a post with a video and in the comments of that post they have to put the capture for me for when I see it and confirm it, he sends them the hive.

Right now there are these post

I want to tell everyone to do this, which is only valid for the videos that I put in this post.

I will update it every week




Thanks for your support, I will let more people know to come and support you. Your work testing video games before you go out is enviable

Thank you very much, but the games you see are the ones I play in my free time, the ones I try at work, I can't upload it here until they come out, then the company would see it

Hey that's a nice profession you have! Clever way to promote your channel btw 😁. It's good content anyway, if you stay constant uploading content regularly, it will surely grow.

Here is my capture, I subscribed with my personal account and liked your first video:

Thank you very much right now I am sending you 1.25 hive that is for subcribing, liking and leaving a comment