The first step towards XCOM 3

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2K Games and Firaxis are removed from the sleeve, as if it were a magician, a more than remarkable strategy game that continues to lay the foundations of a famous saga.


¿Who doesn't like a surprise? You come home, the door opens, and suddenly the light comes on, with many of your loved ones in there welcoming you. Kisses everywhere, hugs, revelry and gifts to liven up the reception. 2K Games and Firaxis are the relatives, and XCOM: Chimera Squad the gift they have given us without waiting for it.

New renewed aesthetics

After betting on various aesthetics in previous installments of the XCOM saga, each one more varied - one of them from the mid-20th century -, this one now gives way to the one previously mentioned. And it does it more than efficiently, to chase away fears. The entire visual look is impregnated with vivid metallic colors to reflect that future Blade Runner that will one day come. In fact, the game not only expresses it well, but also takes advantage of this aesthetic in very specific points, that is, it takes advantage of it. For example, it does not include “traditional” cinematics: it opts for pseudo comic strips where these shades become even stronger. Difficult decision, but corrected with great mastery.


New Agents



Patchwork: a girl who at an early age lost all her relatives and 3 limbs of her body during the invasion. The ADVENT association gave him cybernetic prosthetic arms and legs and used it as propaganda amid the chaos. When the propaganda failed, ADVENT sent her to an orphanage, so she decided to join XCOM and with her great technological skills, she will be essential for the Chimera Squad.



Claymore: is probably the most direct so far. As the name implies, he is the demolition expert on the team and history reflects that on every corner. He grew up loving playing with things and then exploiting them. He also appears to have more courage than sense as he activated an explosive device while the Lost Ones attacked him and a few other people.



Cherub: A hybrid originally created to be a soldier of ADVENT, the association that worked with aliens to conquer planet Earth in 2035. Cherub was fortunate, because he did not know all the purposes of this association. After the war he was found in an ADVENT laboratory, and did not belong to either side, but will be part of the Chimera Squad.



Shelter: a man with special mental abilities. He was separated from his family during the invasion and used by ADVENT to hurt others and do whatever he ordered. Now after the trauma and wishing his skills are no longer needed, he will help rebuild civilization alongside the Chimera Squad.

The game shows off the brand's hallmarks

The game shows off the brand's hallmarks, but being more in the future than ever before takes advantage of it with primarily dystopian abilities: Zionic powers - like the Mass Effect biotics -, extraterrestrial creatures with commands such as spitting venom, weapons futuristic etc. And of course, each mission, which in turn can be made up of several raids, offers experience and additions to improve the agents (and, by the way, the game tries to get you to take the peaceful and non-lethal route to enemies, since this grants "extras").


It is an amalgam of concepts that really suits you, especially considering that the title also requires us to choose very different agents from each other, each one oriented to a type of mission or to combine them with mastery together. Rules of the past, but adapted to the context in which it is situated to give a story that can last us between 15 and 20 hours depending on the expertise controlling the city.

My opinion of this analysis that I made

XCOM: Chimera Squad does not invent anything, but it is that everything that appears on the screen is executed in a remarkable way. Good graphic and technical section in general. A house brand gameplay that adapts to the plot you are telling.

A story that delves into the complexities of human - extraterrestrial relations with a terrorist attack behind us that we must investigate. In short, an XCOM that, to top it all, comes at a reduced price.