The third installment of one of the best driving simulators on the market

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Almost without realizing it, three years have passed since Project CARS 2 was launched on the market, consolidating the Slightly Mad Studios franchise as one of the best when it comes to making driving simulators. Now comes the turn of a long-awaited third installment that arrives with great pretensions and an affordable level for all players and those who discover the franchise for the first time.


And it is that, Project CARS 3 is already a reality, a great reality for lovers of speed that we have had the opportunity to test for several hours in its final version to tell you all the details of what it will be, without a doubt, one of the most important titles in the current landscape of driving simulators. Fasten your seatbelts, adjust your mirrors, and get ready.

A new beginning for all audiences

The bar ahead of Project CARS 3 is not easy and that now, and unlike what happened with the launch of the second installment, it does not compete with other launches such as Gran Turismo Sport or Forza Motorsport 7, so this Slightly Mad Studios' third installment of the simulator competes to outdo itself and the next generation of consoles. Although we can already assure you that this new edition of the simulator brings a great variety of changes with respect to other editions, moving away a bit from the purest simulator to approach the so-called arcade simulators.


¿And what better way to do things right? Well, learning from the old failures, listening to the community of players and making a title more than affordable for all players. In this way we find a completely renewed Career Mode with a simpler and cleaner aspect, where little by little we will learn the ins and outs of the most demanding driving to be able to advance through all the divisions of the game until we become the best driver of all.

Therefore, the trajectory mode will develop little by little as we exceed certain objectives on the routes, objectives that will be rewarded with score and game experience, as well as coins, to unlock improvements for our vehicles, acquiring passes to events and of course save to get better cars at the dealership.


Everything is very measured in Project CARS 3 and we will be able to compete at the highest level with all the aids that the simulator's AI offers, although this will give us very little benefit in terms of experience and score, as well as little personal satisfaction since practically with all the You help and in the simplest way the cars will roll on the asphalt alone and we will only have to worry about accelerating and keeping the car on the track. But if, on the other hand, we increase the difficulty more and decrease the help on the track, everything will become more complicated and demanding, but the benefits will be a complete incentive.


In Project CARS 3 we are going to find a good amount of game modes so we will have guaranteed entertainment. This is an aspect in which Slightly Mad Studios has put a lot of effort because, it is expected that we will have a simulator for the next few years with a lot of support for all the platforms on which the game is launched: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, something that the study has already made clear and remains silent regarding possible editions for the expected PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In any case, we will find different game modes in this third edition, such as the aforementioned Trajectory Mode, where everything is perfectly designed so that we spend hours and hours in it - well, it hooks -. Overcoming the different divisions achieving all the objectives is a challenge and we will have to, in each location, overcome challenges such as winning a time trial, races by position against the AI, making perfect corners and overcoming the tracks in the best possible time. Also at the end of each session we will have to access the final championship to completely overcome the stage in a race against other vehicles managed by the AI.

In the same way, before each race we will be able to improve our vehicle with the different improvements that we will find in the workshop, some acquisitions that we can incorporate in exchange for game money, but don't worry here the dreaded micropayments will not exist. The improvements must be made with head and without going overboard, otherwise we can improve the car so much that we are no longer allowed to use it in the division in which we are, which will force us to undo the changes with the consequent loss of money.


Overcoming the Career Mode in full will be a challenge and it is the most entertaining, it is where we will surely spend most of the hours in until we reach division A, although after it new divisions will be opened for the most demanding that will mean a complete added challenge such as GT, invitation races or challenges. But we will have many more game options and, in Rivals Mode, we will find both daily, weekly and monthly challenges where we will put ourselves at the controls of some of the best vehicles in the game to try to get better times than other players, amen to get bonuses that will come in handy to try to get new vehicles at the dealership.

A step back in simulation

Project CARS 3 looks incredible under a very good and impeccable graphic section although quite continuous with respect to its predecessor where the quality is marked in every detail of the lines. The new circuits of Interlagos, Jerez, Shangai, Havana and Toscana are incredible, likewise the detail of the vehicles differs depending on the machine we carry, since the modeling seems better in some than in others although the HDR support is a perfect addition, but at the moment it is only available in the PlayStation 4 version. The VR support is also appreciated for those who want a much more realistic experience while the support for up to three monitors in the PC version is also greatly appreciated.


Regarding the collision system, it has been improved, in part, because the deterioration of the vehicles still scratches us a bit since it feels unrealistic despite the inclusion of a new impact chamber. Likewise, some fundamental aspects of the previous delivery have also disappeared, such as tire wear and fuel management, which encouraged us to make stops on the track. This will not happen in Project CARS 3, so we will only have Sprint races and completely forget about the tactics and management of the vehicle on the track, making us closer to a mixture between simulation and arcade a bit strange.

Another aspect that has always characterized the saga has been the management of the weather on the track, with a dynamic section that has always been a great challenge since in the middle of the tracks we could find a good storm or a championship snowfall forcing us to change wheels in the pits for better track management. In this edition we will also find it, but in a somewhat different way. And the weather will be dynamic, in part, that is, we will start the race on a sunny day and we will be able to finish it with a torrential rain, but since there are no stops we will not be able to manage the tires... In any case, the finish of the rain and the snow, as well as the sunsets or night races are still a complete past.

Slightly Mad Studios wanted to make some changes to Project CARS 3 to fully target all types of audiences, leaving aside its classic realistic difficulty and its famous more purist simulation, thus focusing on an arcade simulator transition that may not be liked by fans. more experts and delight the most beginners.


The title has enchanted us in almost all its sections and the renewed Career Mode, as well as the weekly and monthly challenges hook us and offer us hours and hours of fun and entertainment behind the wheel. The multiplayer mode is an added bonus under a good orientation to eSports and excellent fun and competitiveness. Project CARS is back and preparing for departure in a different way.