TROY, the glorious Greek epic aims to be the culmination of the Total War saga for its 20th anniversary

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Ancient Greece covers one of the most interesting and striking periods in the history of humanity, which is why it has always had a very important presence in cinema, literature and, of course, video games. Not surprisingly, last year we were able to enjoy Assassin's Creed Odyssey, probably the best recreation that has ever been done of this time, thus renewing interest in everything that surrounded Greek culture, its history, its protagonists and, above all , its myths.

Now, Creative Assembly also wants to offer us its own vision of this fascinating period with A Total War Saga: Troy, the next installment of its star saga. During the last gamescom, we were fortunate to attend a short presentation, where they told us the main keys to a very promising and ambitious title that has left me eager to see more about it.


Trojan war in the style of Total War: an epic combination


As expected, there will be no shortage of the most famous heroes of this period and each faction will have one of them, like Achilles or Héctor, extremely powerful and useful warriors who will be able to make the difference between victory and defeat if we know how to use them. with head.

Obviously, this is a Total War, so not everything will be combat, since the part of strategic management by turns is still very important. In fact, the most interesting novelty we have here is a new trading system based on multiple different resources with which we can negotiate and barter, thus giving us greater freedom when it comes to managing our side and solving certain situations.



Total War Saga: TROY beyond massive battles

Recruiting these units and using them in combat is part of the Total War Saga: TROY experience, in which we must carry out a series of conflicts and win battle after battle, always with one foot in history and the other with the essence from Total War games. Aiming for and achieving that overall experience that, at the very least, will blow the heads of those passionate about strategy.

Of course, the units that we can consider traditional also benefit from this mythological factor: the Will of the Gods also has its role in the equation and will be decisive in taking control of the eight confirmed factions.


Inviting us to direct one of the most tremendous war conflicts in history from both sides. And the way he is doing it makes us very optimistic about what is to come. Because if you have to contradict Homer and his work, let it be Total War style.


A very promising Total War


As you can see, A Total War Saga: Troy looks very promising. It is still pure Total War and remains very faithful to the formula that has led the saga to enjoy the success and recognition that it currently has, but it contributes very striking and well-thought-out ideas that help to recreate with great success and some mysticism one of the most fascinating periods in our history.

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