[EN-DE] Today at the workout with Wil @wil.metcalfe we met @littlem, Wil's daughter. ...

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... I think little is an understatement, but certainly a good pocketbook to have as a piggy bank later on. Please fill her wallet and blog with kudos!

I've reorganized my bio link. You can find my latest actifit report there. https://buymeberri.es/@anli

If you're reading this on a handicapped app like Instagram or Appics, where links can't be clicked, you'll find that in the profile.

See you on Monday at 11am CET at the workout with Lena @soldier!


Heute beim Workout mit Wil @wil.metcalfe lernten wir @littlem kennen, Wil's Tochter. Ich denke das ist eine Untertreibung, aber sicher eine gute Brieftasche später als Sparschwein. Bitte füllt ihre Geldbörse und ihren Blog mit Anerkennung!

Ich hab meinen Steckbrief-Link geordnet. Meinen aktuellen actifit-Report findest du dort. https://buymeberri.es/@anli

Wenn Du dies hier über eine eingeschränkte App wie Instagram oder Appics liest, wo Links nicht angeklickt werden können, findest du das im Profil.

Wir sehen uns am Montag um 11 Uhr MEZ beim Training mit Lena @soldier!

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Thank you for joining in the workout!

As well... I'm glad that you all got to meet my daughter @littlem! She's a very good workout partner it turns out! I count myself lucky and I'm looking forward to many daddy daughter workouts in the future! Maybe one day she will be teaching these fitness LIVES! Wouldn't that be something!?

Did you end up finding a workout buddy for the partner exercise (Leg-Up Throw-Down's) @anli? 😊

Absolutely!! No, with me everyone around was too busy. Probably at the next opportunity. I've seen some great Leg-Up Throw-Down workout video with you at Appics! See https://steemit.com/hive-142013/@ekka/appics-v1-appics-im-387916

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That’s great! I’ve got to show @littlem this video! 😄

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