My first experience on ecency review [ esteem ] what is a boost and promotion

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Hi all people who are reading my post

I heard a lot about @Ecency app and web version etc and much more in trending post these days and I decided to see is it really worth spending your time and energy on #ecency. hey, I'm not done yet so I decided to do my own analyze of ecency and here's what I found :

  1. you earn ecency point by doing activities on ecency which can be exchanged for boosting your post and for promotion rate [ I HBD = 473 ECENCY POINTS ]


                      here a table for activities reward 


I earn 150 points by doing activities and use them to boost my post with 0.39$ worth of upvote from @ecency and @esteemapp within 15-20 minute


So for me who used hive. blog and peakd without any activities reward I found Ecency way better

if you are looking to join #hive ecency. here the link for you to join for free

                             HERE SOME SCREENSHOTS 




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