Strange Win, Strong Goals - A Sports Freewrite.


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We still didn't find one
A player so loved by all
His skills, dribbling, sports was fun
In-between the legs of Prund.
Years of no trophies
Leagues were lost in droves
Still our player plays and score
At the final, we lost
Sad as it is, we moved on
Scoring more goals than them all.
Prund won't have it again
He went in search of more fame
To a strange street he came
Met a gypsy, a necromancer by trade
"Give me the cup, trophies and more fame"
In exchange for what? The exchange
My only son you might take
If only this time the championship we will claim.
The league started the week next
The boys tried there best
Goals came to the net
Victories came, they cheers
The cup they lifted
Prund thought of Dave, his son, his first friend.
A Sports Freewrite Poem.

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